lobster potLobsters will run for cover when they see you pull out these platters, dishes, tumblers...and a 16-quart lobster pot.


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July 2005

Appliance Review / Tabletop / Seasonal Dishes



Enamelware Summer Dishes

For Picnics, Patios, & Folks Just Pretending to Get Away



Blue skies, green grass, bright flowers, fresh air...surely you’re not using those same old fusty dishes!

Make your dinnerware as sunny as your days with this fine German enamelware from Golden Rabbit. Strong and durable enamel on steel, all pieces are chip-resistant, ovenproof and dishwasher safe.

If you must have ants on your plate,
these are the ones to have.


pail lobster mug
Lobster Bucket Lobster Plate Ant Mug



Summer Enamel Dishes


  • 16-Quart Lobster Pot , $81.90
  • Lobster Pail, $41.80
  • Sandwich Plate, 8.5", $8.30
  • Ant Dinner Plate, $10.00
  • Ant Soup Bowl, $9.15
  • Ant Mug, $6.85

Other sizes and shapes available.

Purchase online at SpatterMatter.com

Shipping and taxes additional. Prices and item availability are subject to change.


Have a great summer!





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