Bloody Mary The Bloody Mary was invented by a French-American bartender working at Harry’s American Bar in Paris in the Roaring 20s.





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KAREN HOCHMAN is editorial director of THE NIBBLE. Her own Bloody Mary recipe—using Knudsen’s tomato juice, lots of horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and fresh lemon and lime juices—is quite superb.


October 2006
Updated January 2008

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The Best Bloody Mary Mixes

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Mixerz All-Natural Bloody Mary Cocktail Mixer

Mixerz is another “textured” recipe—the taste and texture of the horseradish are just perfect. Rather than go for jalapeño-style heat, this exceptional Bloody Mary mixer is very peppery (from cayenne and black pepper). But in a fantastic Charlie Trotter-like tour de force, the recipe layers on ingredients that never get lost: Each flavor is clearly articulated.

The base of tomato paste provides rich tomato flavor. You can taste the tangy Worcestershire sauce and the zesty celery seed. Soy sauce is used instead of table salt, and balsamic vinegar provides complexity and a touch of sweetness. Onion, garlic and lemon juice round out the seasonings. A 5-ounce glass has 30 calories.

All-Natural Bloody Mary Cocktail Mixer


  • 178-ml Bottle
    (6 Ounces)

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Bloody Mary Mix - MixerzMmmm, Mixerz. If you love a spicy Virgin Mary, you’ll drink the entire bottle.

We’re happy to supply Bloody Mary recipes from scratch if you need to whip something up this instant.                                             

There’s Something More About Mary

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