stirrings cocktail essences A different way to look at martinis: herbal and floral, with influences from Provence.





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CAITLIN BARRETT won’t admit to enjoying girly drinks, but she won’t deny it either.


October 2005

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Stirrings Cocktail Essences

Original, Herbal, Refreshing

Cocktails that are perceived as being feminine usually have two things in common: they are a pretty color and they are very, very sweet.

Stirrings Cocktail Essences are a light and sophisticated alternative to their sugary sisters: even gentlemen will appreciate the innovative flavors of Provence. The colors are uplifting paste: no matter what the weather is outside, they transport you to sunny southern France. Simply mix them with your favorite vodka and serve.

Stirrings Cocktail Essences are mixers that contain no alcohol, so designated drivers and people who don’t drink alcohol can enjoy them mixed in club soda. They use only natural ingredients, and liquid cane sugar as a sweetener. Their gorgeous colors come from natural sources like caramel, Bordeaux grapes, and beta carotene.

Each can be enjoyed by simply mixing the Essence of your choice with vodka and shaking with ice, but we encourage you to experiment with other recipes to find your own “essence” or to add pizzazz to special occasions. For example, mix equal parts vodka, champagne and 60 Petals Rose Essence, and serve on ice in a tall glass for bridal showers or Valentine’s Day.

Hillside Lavender

  • There should be more lavender in American foods and beverages: one taste of this and you’ll see why. Serve this Essence with small slices of brie on or triple crème cheese on crusty baguette slices, topped with a sprinkling of edible lavender.

Mediterranean Rosemary

  • Even though this Essence is incredibly light, the savory character of the rosemary lends itself well to bruschetta or goat cheese and sun-dried tomato canapés.

60 Petals Rose

  • If you don’t have time to “stop and smell the roses,” you can drink them! This Essence is incredibly fragrant and delicate. Serve with smoked salmon hors d’oeuvres, shrimp, oysters, or any seafood.

Summer Basil

  • This aromatic Essence is a treat for basil lovers. Serve new potato cups with salmon caviar for a sweet-and-salty match, or a pesto spread.

rose essencelavender essence

rosemary essencesummer basil

Clockwise from top: Rose Martini, Lavender Martini,
Basil Martini, and Rosemary Martini

As a finishing touch, garnish cocktails with a sprig of mint or the corresponding herb. Instead of a sprig in the glass, you can freeze the basil, lavender, mint or rosemary or rose petals in ice cubes made of the martini mixture itself.

  • Use two parts mix to one part vodka. Cubes will freeze three hours prior to the party, and everyone will have an item of visual interest in the glass—especially if you freeze them in shapes (like those made in lovely shell-, heart- or star-shaped ice cube trays, available for $2.99 at
  • For another innovative serving suggestion, see the photo below.

Whether you need to ward off the chills of winter, celebrate spring or toast with a cocktail that leaps from the summer garden, Stirrings Cocktail Essences in four delightful herbal flavors add sprightly new dimension to the always-popular martini.


Lavender, Rose, Rosemary, and Summer Basil

  • 12-Ounce Bottle
    Makes 6 cocktails using
    2 ounces mix: 2 ounces

Purchase online at the Nantucket Offshore Online Store (available after November 1, 2005)

Available at specialty food stores and gift shops nationwide.

Shipping additional. Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

  martini glass
The right glass and Stirrings Martini Essences
can make your cocktails the star of the event.
Here, the corresponding herb is added to the
chilling bowl of this two-part stemless martini glass.
Two glasses (4 pieces), $19.99.  Click here to



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