A truffle cut to show the ganache center. Photo courtesy Callebaut.






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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



April 2007
Last Updated April 2017

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What Is Chocolate Ganache?

Page 3: Understanding Truffles & Chocolate Ganache



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Chocolate Ganache History


Ganache is a velvety smooth blend of chocolate and cream, often with butter added, that is usually rolled in cocoa powder and sugar or other coatings to make a truffle. It is often used as a center for filled chocolates.

  • Ganache can be made from dark, milk, or white chocolate (some chocolatiers blend dark and milk chocolate) and flavored with coffee, liqueurs, extracts—virtually any flavor that inspires the chocolatier. Using more chocolate than cream yields a firmer ganache; more cream than chocolate yields a softer, more velvety ganache.
  • Ganache can be beaten with butter and used to fill and frost cakes and pastries (then it is known as ganache beurre or ganache soufflé). In its liquid state, ganache can be poured over cakes and pastries as a glaze.

Ganache Means Idiot Or Imbecile


French-language speakers know that the literal translation of ganache is “imbecile.” Why is something so tasty called by such a rude name?

As legend has it, a 19th century apprentice in a Parisian pâtissière accidentally dropped scalded cream meant for another purpose into a bowl of chocolate. His superior called him un ganache—an imbecile—but upon tasting the “ruined” result realized that something salvageable—and wonderful—had been created.

Along similar lines, the English fool, a dessert of stewed fruit mixed with cream, has been served since the 16th century. We presume that another apprentice foolishly dropped the stewed fruit into the cream.

Mixing up a ganache at Recchiuti Confections, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

Now that any mystery has been clarified, go forth and enjoy your truffles and ganaches.