More than 150 cloves of garlic go into every bottle of Garlic Valley Farms Garlic Juice. Photo by Craig Jewell | SXC.




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CAITLIN BARRETT is a member of THE NIBBLE editorial staff. As a result of her overuse of Garlic Valley Farms Garlic Spray she has been given a more “private” office.


January 2006
Last updated April 2017

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Garlic Valley Farms Garlic Juice

Great Garlic Flavor Is A Spray Away


CAPSULE REPORT: Garlic lovers, you’re in for a treat. Now you can spray the juice of fresh garlic over anything you like. If you’re just a garlic “liker” instead of a lover, you’ll also enjoy adding the flavor of fresh garlic to salads, pasta, veggies, fish, meats and more. A bottle of each variety makes a great gift for food lovers. Spritz away! The products are all-natural and certified kosher by OU. And they’re virtually calorie-free.




This is not stuff made for first dates: Garlic Valley Farms has packed the juice of over 150 cloves of garlic into every bottle of their incredibly potent Garlic Juice. It can turn just about anything into a garlic lover’s dream, but might harm your chances of getting a first-date kiss. Unless, of course, your date prefers a bouquet of “stinking roses” to the traditional dozen red ones.

There are two varieties of garlic juice made by Garlic Valley Farms: Cold Pressed and Roasted. The flavor difference between the two is quite distinct.

  • Cold Pressed Garlic Juice tastes like fresh garlic. It is highly fragrant and reminds us of the simple pleasure of raw garlic cloves rubbed across a hot toasted baguette.
  • Roasted Garlic Juice is a real marvel: it tastes just like roasted garlic, but we don’t even have to turn on the oven. It is wonderful on everything from steaks to popcorn.

Garlic’s Health Benefits


We just can’t get enough of garlic. But why try to subdue our inner garlic lover? Garlic has so many health benefits that it should be eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Studies have shown that garlic can lower blood pressure and cholesterol and help prevent blood clots.
  • Garlic has contains allicin, an antibiotic compound, has been used for centuries for fight infections.
  • Some studies show that garlic can reduce blockage in nasal passages, which can help put an end to snoring (although sleeping with all that garlic aroma presents another problem entirely).

If all these health benefits can come from a few sprays of tasty garlic juice, we’ll take a case, please.

Using Garlic Juice


While garlic lovers might not be able to resist using it as a perfume, Garlic Valley Farms’ Garlic Juices are best used to add tons of flavor to food without adding fat or calories. The label states that eight sprays are equivalent to one clove of garlic, but we found that eight sprays went a whole lot further than a single clove ever would.

  • An entire bowl of pasta that was tossed simply with parmesan, extra virgin olive oil and chopped tomatoes got all the extra flavor it needed from just three sprays of Roasted Garlic Juice.
  • Sliced firm tofu, when sautéed in olive oil with just a sprinkle of salt, was brought to life by about one spray per four slices (just line them up and spritz until each slice gets a little bit of coverage).


FettuccineAdd immense flavor to the simplest pastas. Photo by Monique | SXC.

Cold Pressed Garlic Juice Spray

We like the flavor of the Cold Pressed Garlic Juice best when it is used on fresh dishes, like salads and sandwiches. A real standout is thick slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, drizzled with just a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with sea salt, and kicked up with just one spray of garlic juice.

We find that we can knock out fat in a lot of our favorite recipes armed with this spray. Heavy dressings on our salads? Nope. Just a shower of Cold Pressed Garlic Juice and tiny bit of oil and we were asking “Caesar who?” It was a no-brainer to skip mayo on our chicken sandwiches, too. We just toasted some whole wheat bread, misted it with garlic juice and spread on some Dijon mustard for a little added moisture. Then we piled on fresh lettuce, tomatoes and roasted chicken breast and smugly ate our tasty lunch, knowing that we alone had the secret to removing tons of fat while adding an infinite amount of flavor.

Roasted Garlic Juice Spray

The Roasted Garlic Juice Spray is a better match with cooked foods like baked or mashed potatoes, steaks, fish and soups. It enhanced soups with a few sprays. Seared and sliced tuna steaks are transformed into culinary gems right in our own kitchen with a single spray per steak. The Roasted Garlic Juice Spray really shines, however, when it is paired with meat.

  • Plain burgers are transformed with just a sprinkle of salt and a spray, before taking them off the grill pan to serve. Broiled steaks never tasted meatier.
  • Pot roasts, racks of lamb and veal shanks are tastier than ever when the garlic juice is sprayed right at the dinner table.
  • The final test? Garlic juice beats out garlic powder as our favorite pizza seasoning. We’re New Yorkers. We know how we like our pizza, and this garlic juice takes the cake—or in this case, the pie.

Margherita PizzaSpritz your pizza with intense garlic flavor.

These juices are so all-purpose that they deserve a place alongside the salt and pepper on every dining table, breakfast bar and T.V. tray. To win over the garlic-lover in your life, spray a tiny bit of Garlic Valley Farms’ Garlic Juice on your next love letter. Even Count Dracula would be charmed.

Roasted Garlic Juice, Cold Pressed
Garlic Juice

Certified kosher by OU

  • 8-Ounce Bottle

Purchase online *at

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Garlic SprayGarlic Spray

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