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There are wine tasting dinners and other food events in most major cities; and festivals all over the world. They’re not only recreation, but learning experiences and opportunities to make new, like-minded friends. Photo by Clarita Neroli.
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You can head downtown for an artisanal cheese tasting, a single origin chocolate tasting, a chocolate and microbrew pairing, or a lesson in coffee cupping. But that’s just for starters.


Are you ready for a gourmet dining trip through France or Italy, hitting the Michelin 3-stars (or maybe the 1-stars, where there’s less pretension and more opportunity to chat with the chef/owner)? A bicycle trip through Burgundy and the Loire, so you can spend all day pedaling off each evening’s feast? We’re with you! We’re busy interviewing our course-centric and best-traveled foodie friends so we can share their recommendations with you. Don’t hesitate to share your own favorite food and wine events.

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