Toast Elvis
An 8-foot-high toast Elvis portrait and its creator, artist Maurice Bennett.



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November 2005

Food Fun / More Food Fun / Fun, Silly, Bizarre Food

White or Whole Wheat?

Maurice Bennett, “The Toastman,” Crafts Portraits In Toast (White, Actually)



Renaissance Florentines created portraits in paints and mosaic.  Contemporary New Zealander Maurice Bennett does them in toast.

His typical portraits are 8 feet square.  Some, as tall as 23 feet, are meant to tower over trees as public art installations.

Elvis, one of the “smaller” portraits, was made from 3,525 slices of cocktail toast. Dame Edna, more than 24 feet tall by 19 feet wide, is made from 2,989 slices of Wonder Bread.

Click here to visit the Toaster Art Gallery. Might you get your own tasty self immortalized in toast? Click here to email the Toastman.

Mona Lisa outdoor

Why own a copy of the painting of Mona Lisa when you can have an original toast portrait?

An eight-story tall toast portrait towers
above the trees.
Peter Jackson Michael Jackson
New Zealand’s most famous son, Lord of
the Rings
director Peter Jackson.
Another Jackson, international beer expert, author
and lecturer Michael Jackson.
Dame Edna  
Dame Edna.  

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