Chocolate Turkeys - Lake Champlain
Whether a table centerpiece or the beginning of the desserts, this turkey showpiece from Lake Champlain Chocolates is sure to delight. In your choice of milk, dark or mixed; certified kosher. See details below.



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November 2005
Updated November 2009

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Thanksgiving Candy & Chocolate

A Chocolate Turkey Assortment, Holiday Creme Mints & Other Sweets to Gobble Up


Thanksgiving may get overshadowed by Halloween on one side and Christmas on the other, but there are plenty of thematic sweets to serve as tabletop decorations and gifts for hostesses and guests.  Some of our favorites:

See our Howling Good Chocolate guide for other autumn-themed chocolates.

Prices and item availability are confirmed at time of publication but are subject to change over time. In most cases, shipping costs are additional.

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Thanksgiving Sweets Add to
the Memories

Translucent Chocolates:
Chocolate-Covered Nuts & Fruits

Fill your candy bowl to the brim this month with these beautiful, chocolate- and toffee-covered almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds and dried cherries and apricots. (The chocolate and toffee-covered pistachios are awesome.) Read our review of Translucent Chocolates.

  • Fall Mix
    4-Ounce Box, $6.50
    8-Ounce Box, $10.83
    12-Ounce Box , $17.32

A cornucopia of chocolate-covered treats. Photo by Melody Lan | THE NIBBLE.

Caramel Sin:
Ginger-Flavored Caramel

Spoon Candies are a fun treat. Sure, you can melt this delicious caramel as a sauce or spread it on cookies, but you can eat it right out of the jar as the creator intended—like candy. during the holiday season. Give everyone a spoonful along with coffee or tea. The caramel sauce comes in a variety Plain (hardly!), Chocolate, Ginger, Lemon, and Peanut. The lightly-flavored ginger caramel is the most seasonal....although a small spoonful of each flavor on a plate would be heaven for any caramel lover. Read our review of Caramel Sin.

  • Caramel Sin
    11 Ounce Jar

Caramel Sin - Ginger
Spoon out this candy from a jar for a special treat. Photo courtesy Caramel Sin.


Thanksgiving Sweets Add to
the Memories


Bissinger's Chocolates:
Chocolate-Covered Creme Mints

After-dinner mints never looked more festive: Cute turkeys, pumpkins and horns of plenty make these extra-special fondant creme mints a perfect hostess gift.

  • Thanksgiving Mints
    24 Piece Box

Chocolate Mints. Photo courtesy Bissingers.


Burdick Chocolate:
Chocolate Turkeys With Clementine

These are the turkeys we want on our table: made of the finest chocolate from Felchlin and filled with a clementine ganache. The tail is made of chocolate-covered almond “feathers.” Read our review of Burdick Chocolate.

  • Box Of Four Turkeys

Burdick Chocolate Turkeys
Four turkeys in each box make charming place settings. Photo courtesy Burdick Chocolate.


Lake Champlain Chocolates:
Maple Leaves & Turkeys

Little turkeys make charming place settings. (Sorry, large turkey in the photo at top is not currently available.)

Certified kosher by Star-D

  • Chocolate Turkeys
    1 Smaller Turkeys
    6 Turkeys
    $19.50 (Dark, Milk or Mix)

Chocolate Turkeys
Gobble me up! Photo courtesy Lake Champlain Chocolates.



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© Copyright 2005-2024 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.