Caramel Apple
This pumpkin caramel apple from DeBrito is our absolute favorite. Photo by Melody Lan. Click here for our review.




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October 2005
Updated October 2006

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Halloween Treats for Finicky Foodies

Candy, Cookies & Treats To Do Tricks For


Forget the boring bulk candy. Why play tricks when you can give the best treats this Halloween? These gourmet goodies will brighten the faces of any Jack O' Lantern, even when his candle has sputtered. Here we have:

Candies & Munchies


Pet Treats

Prices and item availability are subject to change. In most cases, shipping costs are additional.

1. Candies

Trick or treaters rejoice!

DeBrito’s Caramel Apples

These caramel apples are so good, they re-define the category. In two dozen flavors, from Pumpkin Pie (amazing) to Pecan Turtle Apple and Oreo Avalanche. A NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week. Read our rave review.

  • Caramel Apples
    $8.00 to $10.50 depending on
  • Minimum order 2 pieces

Candy Apple
The best caramel apples we’ve ever had.
“Aftershock” is coated with caramel, almonds
and popcorn. Photo by Melody Lan.


Hammond’s Candies

Hammond’s handmade, orange-flavored, pumpkin-shaped lollipops are prized Halloween booty. There are also “Crystal Cuts®,” the pulled hard candies with designs in the center: ghoulish witches, pumpkins, ghosts, and Frankenstein, and come individually wrapped for trick-or-treaters. The chocolate filled barber poles and the classic orange and black swirled lollipops are beautiful tributes to old-fashioned Halloween.

  • Barber Poles, Chubby, Swirl, Whirl and Tree Lollipops
    $13.20 to $33.00.
  • Each order contains 6 to 8

pumpkin lollis
Hammond’s Candies make old-fashioned
treats like these pumpkin lollipops.


Harry & David

Popcorn and Halloween never mixed so well than with Harry & David’s Spooky Moose Munch, a wonderful combination of fluffy, crisp popcorn glazed with almond toffee and tossed with candied orange peels. The best part of this Halloween treat is that some of this divine popcorn creation is dipped into semi-sweet dark chocolate and drizzled over with orange-flavored chocolate. A gourmet treat everyone will enjoy.

  • Spooky Moose Munch
    1 pound and 4 ounce bag

spooky moose munch, moose munch, popcorn,candy, halloween treat, halloween popcorn

Sweet, not spooky.


Long Grove Confectionary

These are the cutest confections we’ve seen: a delight for for any kid. Monster Munchies are popsicle-stick sweets with a crunchy crispy rice treat center, enrobed in colored chocolate in shapes like Skull, Frankenstein, and Dracula.

The kiddies’ sweet teeth will also delight at the tombstone of crispies buried in solid milk chocolate topped with candy corn.

L’il Monster Pops are solid milk chocolate molded Halloween “stick figures” that can be cake or cupcake toppers...or can disappear on their own, as soon as you hand them out.

  • Monster Munchies
    1.5-Ounce bar
  • Rest in Pieces
    5.5 Ounces
  • Li’l Monster Pops
    1.5-Ounce Bar

monster munchies, long grove confectionary
Monster Munchies

r.i.p. chocolate, halloween chocolate, chocolate tombstone, long grove confectionary
Rest in Pieces

chocolate monsters
Li’l Monster Pops
Even on a candy holiday, these charmers stand out.


South Bend Chocolate Company

Be different this Halloween and venture into a world of the Great Pumpkin. We found it in South Bend, and have been having lots of fun with it. Try pumpkin-flavored fudge, pumpkin coffee, or Pumpkin Head Popcorn, caramel popcorn covered in pumpkin-flavored white chocolate. Or give a gift of Pumpkin Crunch is a mix of buttery caramel popcorn, cinnamon spiced chocolate almonds, and mini pumpkin-flavored chocolate pumpkins for a satisfying Halloween crunch. We recommend that you share or you’ll be in for a trick.

  • Pumpkin Fudge
  • Pumpkin Crunch
  • Pumpkin Head Popcorn
    8-Ounce Bag
  • Pumpkin Spice Coffee
    8-Ounce Gift Bag

pumpkin fudge, fudge
Yummy Pumpkin Fudge.

pumpkin crunch
Pumpkin Crunch. Photo by Melody Lan.

pumpkin head
Pumpkin heads are crunchy popcorn
in pumpkin-flavored white chocolate.
Photo by Melody Lan.


Wilbur’s of Maine

Wilbur’s Pumpkin Pie Malt Balls taste exactly like their name suggests, and we couldn’t be more pleased. The sweet and somewhat creamy outer  layer of pumpkin flavor yields to the sweet crunch of a malt ball.  They look great in a candy dish...and also sprinkled over ice cream with hot caramel sauce.
Wilbur’s other notable seasonal treat is their White Chocolate Apple Crisp candy. It combines white chocolate, chunks of dried apple and the rice crispies to create a delightfully different melt-in-your-mouth  confection,

  • Pumpkin Pie Malt Balls
    8 Ounce Bag
    $3.95 (Average retail price)
  • White Chocolate Apple Crisp
    8-Ounce Bag
    $5.95 (Average Retail Price)

To purchase, call 1.888.762.5787

Wilbur’s of Maine products are also available at fine retailers nationwide.

pumpkin pie malt balls

apple crisp
Fill goodie bags with the colors and flavors
of Autumn.

2. Cookies & Cakes

Tasty bats, spicy pumpkins, and yummy haunted houses!

Byrd Cookie Company

We like to give Byrd’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies, which come in a cheerful decorative tin, as a hostess gift. Their Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit comes with pre-baked cookies and icing tubes so kids (or grown-ups) can decorate their own pumpkin, ghost, and owl cookies. It’s like a cookie coloring book!

  • Cookies
    6-Ounce Decorative Tin
  • Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit

pumpkin spice cookie tin

halloween cookie kit


Dancing Deer Baking Company

These cookies look beautiful spread out on a platter or served right out of the box. Giant Mocha Marble Giant Bats, Maple Butter Leaves and Gingerbread Acorns and Peanut Butter Cats and Chocolate Bats, may look like kid stuff, but their taste is surprisingly sophisticated—much more for the grown-ups. While the kids are trick-or-treating, have some friends over for tea, coffee, and some of these. (The reusable wooden boxes are terrific, too.)

Certified kosher by Star-D

  • Peanut Butter Cats & Chocolate Bats
    12-ounce box contains 2 bags of cookies
  • Giant Mocha Marble Chocolate Bats
    18-ounce box contains 6
    individually wrapped cookies.
  • Maple Butter Leaves and
    Gingerbread Acorns

    32-ounce box contains 4 bags of cookies, about 80 cookies in total.


cats and bats

mocha marble bats
Beautiful packaging and great designs are just a few of our favorite things about Dancing Deer Baking Co.


Hearth Song

The Spooky Shack Gingerbread House Kit ($19.95) forsakes the traditional gingerbread house trimmings in favor of candy corn roof tile, licorice trim, and cookie crumb “dirt.” Assembling this haunted hut is a fun way for a family to spend an evening together and makes a great gift for kids and teens.  And, they get to eat it afterward! (Younger children need adult assistance.)

  • Spooky Shack Kit
  • Spooky Shack Super Special
    Includes Spooky Shack Kit,
    Accessory Pack One, Accessory
    Pack Two, and 2 Halfpenny
    Witches—see details on website
  • Other Accessories Available

spooky gingerbread shack
Make your Spooky Shack as scary (or cute)
as your personal decorating style dictates.

Ruby et Violette

We love these Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Ruby Et Violette and are sad that they are only seasonal—until the end of November. This is the gift we’re sending if you love pumpkin pie, or have a friends who do, be sure to get your box (or two) before it’s too late.  Pumpkin and chocolate chip are a great combination.  These buttery cookies are filled with big morsels of chocolate and infused with pumpkin, fragrant nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice cloves. What better way to start the season?

  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    1-Pound Box

pumpkin chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cookies
Chocolate and pumpkin—a bewitching duo.
Photo by Elton Lin.
3. Pet Treats

If you’re going to put your pets in a costume, they deserve their own Halloween Treats.

Taxi’s Dog Bakery Treats

Treat your four-pawed friends to tasty goods made of all natural ingredients and iced with yogurt glaze. These treats are so beautifully crafted that you will be tempted to take a quick bite before having them gobbled up by your pooch. (You can—it’s all human quality.) Though the items are very well-priced, there’s a minimum order of $50. However, you can order non-holiday items...everything they make is exquisite, so just have them send an assortment.

  • Halloween Pack
    Includes 1 ghost, 2 Jack-O-
    Lanterns, and 3 small carob cats,
  • Dog Halloween Truffle Box
    $ 2.50
  • Ghost Biscuit
  • Jack-O-Lantern Biscuit
  • Orange Pumpkin Biscuit

Order by telephone at
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET

ghost treats

halloween donuts

halloween dog treats
Even though these look good enough for you to chomp on, these treats aren’t for you. They are for your pooch. All photography by Melody Lan.


© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Images are the copyright of their individual owners.

© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.