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Letters To The Editor

Technical Information & Administrative FAQs


We welcome your questions and comments. Click here to send them to us now, or write anytime to Editors(at)TheNibble.com. Questions may be edited for brevity and/or clarity.

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Administrative Questions

Q. I wrote to you but I haven’t heard back. How can I get a response?

We are a small, short-staffed group that is always on deadline; and we regret that due to the volume of emails and voicemails we receive, we cannot respond to each personally. As we grow larger, we hope to have a staff member in charge of this. We do, however, read everything and want to hear from everyone. If you haven’t gotten a response and it is important to you, please drop us a note by snail mail: THE NIBBLE, 15 West 72nd Street, New York, NY 10023, Attention Editor/Publisher/Whoever. We will get back to you promptly. Or, you can telephone us at 1.212.595.1800.

Q. Who owns THE NIBBLE?

It is owned by Lifestyle Direct, Inc., a New York State corporation. Under a prior name, Lifestyle Direct has been developing products and services for Fortune 500 corporations since 1983.


Browser Questions

Q. I can’t open the Top Pick Of The Week email.
A. If you are receiving it at the office, some companies have firewalls that don’t allow HTML-rich emails to be opened. Resubscribe at your personal email address, or resubscribe to the text version at your business address. You will have to unsubscribe and then resubscribe if you want to use the same email address. If you receive the text version, which has no photos or color, you can then click on the link to read the full-color version on TheNibble.com in your browser.

Q. I have high-speed internet access but your pages aren’t loading. Why not?
A. It could be a variety of reasons.

  • You will need to troubleshoot the problemfirst, by cleaning your browser caches, deleting temp internet files and resetting all settngs to default.
  • If our pages still do not load, tell us which operating system you are using (PC or Mac), which browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and which versions of each. Address your email to Editors and send it to us @TheNibble.com (make it read like a typical email address—we are just trying to avoid address-harvesting spiders). Be sure to include your name and email so we can contact you.

Q. My browser keeps crashing when I visit the site. How do I stop this?

Every computer system is configured differently, so if you don’t have a tech support person to ask, we can suggest this laundry list of options:

  • Enable Java Script. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced, and check the options for Java. In Navigator/Communicator, go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced
  • Disable your pop-up blocker, if you use one, during the time you spend on the website.
  • Set your security preference to Medium. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced, and check the options for Java. In Navigator/Communicator, go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced.
  • Use a newer version of IE or Netscape, such as IE 6 or Netscape 6 and above.
  • Switch to Firefox, recommended by Walter Mossberg and most experts (download from www.mozilla.org); or if you have a new Mac, use Safari.

Q. I’m a customer of AOL / CompuServe / Earthlink / Mindspring / WebTV and I'm having problems navigating your site, opening pages, et al. What is the problem?

All of these services use custom browsers. If you are having problems:

  • Try opening a new browser window in Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, or other public browser you have installed by clicking on the icon.
  • Type in TheNibble.com and see if this works. WebTV is an entirely customized experience and incompatibilities with websites may not be solvable at this time.
  • If you are an AOL user who would like to change your default browser to Firefox or another choice, here are steps for PC users:
    - Close the AOL software and all Internet applications that you have open.
    - On the Windows Start menu, point to Settings, then click Control Panel.
    - Double-click the Internet Options (or Internet) icon.
    - In the Internet Properties window click the Programs tab.
    - In the Internet Programs area, change your default for web pages, e-mail and newsgroups individually.
    - Click Apply and OK.

Q. When I print out the pages of your website, the right margin gets cut off.

A few of our pages in the Chocolate Section were developed in a wider format, but for the most part, our pages should print out. You may need to make the following adjustments in your browser settings or printer preferences.

  • Your Browser. Use the Help command and type in <Printing A Page>. It will tell you step by step how to get what you want to fit on the page.
  • Your Printer. Reduce the size of the print by selecting Paper Handling in your print command box. Under Destination Paper Size, select "Scale to fit paper size" and check "Scale down only.”

Display Questions

Q. Why does the type on your website seem small?

We use Verdana 9 point for the text, which is a standard size web font. Our photo captions, footnotes, and disclosures are, of course, smaller than the standard text. You can adjust your browser so that all type is smaller or larger.

Q. Why do I have to scroll to read your pages?

THE NIBBLE is about 200 pixels wider than websites that do not include extensive photography. The overall width of the most of the pages is 905 pixels, which includes everything from the left navigation column through the ads in the right column. The middle column of text is set to 520 pixels wide, so you should be able to read most pages down the center on a 15" monitor without scrolling.

The pages will display fully without scrolling on a 17" monitor. Because THE NIBBLE™ is a luxury food magazine, we made the decision to have photos that are large enough to display the food, and include informational charts, in type large enough for most people to read easily. A very few pages are set to a wider width because of charts with unique information that could not be presented any other way. If they were in a print magazine, they would be a fold-out page.

We also decided to make our pages longer, which require scrolling, rather than have our readers click to continue to another page. Since our articles tend to be long, reading one might require clicking through to the “next page” six or more times. We surveyed readers when we were developing the website, and most felt that it would be more convenient to scroll down than to jump from page to page.


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