Sugar Free Almond Bark
Martine’s sugar-free almond bark doesn’t skimp on good ingredients; sweetened with maltitol, the only thing it’s missing is regular sugar. Photography by Claire Freierman.



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August 2008

Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles / Diet Candy

Martine’s Sugar-Free Chocolate

Gourmet Chocolate Bars & Bonbons, Please—But Hold The Sugar

Page 1: Sugarless Chocolate Bars & Almond Bark

CAPSULE REPORT: It takes a true master of chocolate to make delicious sugar-free versions of his or her art, and who better to take on the challenge than Manhattan’s own Martine Leventer, creator of Martine’s Chocolates? We’ve already raved about her top-notch gourmet chocolate in a past review, but we are delighted to report that she makes excellent sugar-free chocolates, too, from the fine Belgian chocolate of Callebaut. They are perfect for people who have been searching for a high-quality gourmet chocolate that’s so good, it’s easy to forget that it’s sugar-free. (Please note that this is not a low-calorie product, and should be consumed by people who need to restrict their intake of sucrose. Those on restricted diets should consult with their healthcare advisors before consuming any sugar substitute.)

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Martine Leventer experiments with every one of her chocolates until she is satisfied, so we aren’t surprised that her sugar-free line meets high standards. After careful investigation, she found that maltitol was the only artificial sweetener that did not leave an aftertaste. That may be why her sugar-free chocolates leave plenty of folks fooled (including us!), in a good way. Martine’s sugar-free chocolates have the same charm as their sugared counterparts; both are made with fine Belgian Callebaut chocolate and are hand-crafted with elegant molds.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars & Almond Bark

Although Martine’s sugar-free line is less than a year old (it debuted around Valentine’s Day), it has quietly grown to include solid sugar-free milk and dark chocolate bars, almond bark squares and seven varieties of gourmet chocolate pieces.

Dark and milk chocolate bars and almond bark squares will please the chocolate lover who can no longer have sugar.

  • Chocolate bars are made in 6-segment strips, five inches in length, allowing calorie counters to apportion their daily intake, or to start with one segment early in the day and leave some for after-dinner coffee.
  • Almond bark is available in two-inch squares of milk or dark chocolate-enveloped crunchy whole almonds.

The almond bark and chocolate bars are the most popular sugar-free selections, but Martine’s personal favorite comes from the bonbon collection.

Sugar Free Chocolate Bars
Solid sugar-free milk and dark chocolate bars.


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