Cheese Kabobs
Kabobs with low fat cheese, fruit and nonfat yogurt dip are a dietetic way to enjoy cheese,
spacing out cheese bites with lower-calorie
fruit. Photo courtesy of  


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Lowfat Cheeses & Yogurts


Not all reduced-fat cheeses remind you that you’re eating “diet cheese.” And some zero fat yogurts are positively stupendous. Here, we’ll report on some favorites that we’re happy to munch on anytime.

If you have a favorite reduced-fat or no-fat dairy product, click here to tell us about it.

Cheese Yogurt

To Go With Cheese

Nibble Tip

Dieting is a time to become a creative food stylist: when it looks better, it tastes better.

  • Line a basket with greens; then arrange cubes, sticks, slices, and rolls of low-fat cheeses with crudités.
  • You can also make kabobs of cheese cubes with fruits and/or vegetables: grape tomatoes, pickle or zucchini slices; or melon balls, tangerine sections, berries, kiwi, star fruit, pear and apple slices (dip the latter in lemon juice to prevent browning).
  • The fun of kabobs, stacked in a basket, vase, or pierced into an inverted half watermelon, eliminates the need for crackers or bread.
  • Flavored mustards, by themselves or mixed with nonfat yogurt, make wonderful savory condiments; use nonfat yogurt mixed with sugar-free fruit spreads for sweet dips.


cheese basket
Photo courtesy Midwest Dairy Association.
Photo courtesy Cabot Creamery Cooperative.


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