Vanilla Ice CreamYou scream, I scream—not only for ice cream, but for the no sugar added cherry topping from Riverhouse Creations.  Photo courtesy Cherry Marketing Institute.


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Sugar-Free Ice Cream & Pudding

Low-Carb Desserts Have All Of The Flavor With No Sugar Added



We’re working hard to find great sugar-free desserts. Please check back from time to time to see what’s new, and let us know your favorite diet desserts.

Diet Ice Cream & Sorbet Other Diet Dessert


Also check the Diet Dessert Toppings  section.

Nibble Tip

Restricting your calories? No need to feel deprived! Treat yourself to beautiful dishes, cups, and glasses.  Your food will look exciting and taste that much better.   Why put white vanilla ice cream in a plain white dish? Check out some of our favorites in our Appliance Review section.



Plain vanilla doesn't look so plain in these festive bowls: the Shake Collection from European Sources Direct. From top to bottom: Tutti-Frutti, Strawberry, Banana, and Blueberry Shake.

European Direct Resources Shake Bowls


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