At just 20 calories a tablespoon, infused roes are a delicious gourmet treat. Above, Ginger, Beet-Saffron, and Wasabi-infused whitefish roes from Tsar Nicoulai. Photo by Melody Lan | THE NIBBLE.   .


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Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles

Fish, Meat & Poultry

Exciting, Low-Calorie & Low-Fat


Broiling, roasting or poaching a piece of meat or poultry is no news for dieters. In this section, we’ll post products that go a step further while still meeting low-calorie, low-fat guidelines.  If you have a favorite fish, meat or poultry item, use the Contact Us link on this page to tell us about it.

Fish Meat & Poultry


Nibble Tip

Grilled kabobs, incorporating beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork and other meats (we use bison!) and vegetables, are a fun and tasty  diet dish—and partygoers love them too. With a broad choice of meats and veggies, you can have a different kabob every day for a month—and beyond!

Photo courtesy of the Beef Council.



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