After every show, we compare notes and agree on the Best products we’ve seen. As soon as we can, we share the information with you.



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The Best Specialty Food Products We Found At The Fancy Food Show



We go to to many trade shows each year in search of the best specialty food products for THE NIBBLE. Each year at the Fancy Food Show—the industry’s largest show for specialty food products—we find some new products that we know we’ll review ultimately, and others that definitely deserve a shout-out as “Best of Show,” in addition to a review.

Here are our own “winners”—the products upon which we bestow gold, silver and bronze stars, plus honorable mentions.


Tiny Trapeze Marshmallow Creme, one of the best “finds” from the Summer 2005 Fancy Food Show. A must-have product to have on hand at all times, it can turn cookies, cake, hot chocolate, and more into amazing desserts or snacks...and when you’re dying for something sweet, a spoonful takes the edge off. Don’t think Fluff—think great pastry chef!

Marshmallow Creme

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