Kaboom Infinite Wellness DrinksJuice-based organic drinks deliver energy, vitamins, antioxidants...and great flavor. Photography by Claire Freierman | THE NIBBLE.


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EMILY CHANG is an editorial intern at THE NIBBLE.



August 2008

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Kaboom Infinite Energy & Infinite Wellness  Juice

Organic Juice-Based Energy Drinks

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CAPSULE REPORT: Kaboom’s two lines, Infinite Energy Juices and Infinite Wellness Juices, are made with all natural, FDA-certified organic ingredients. All products provide at least 50% of the daily requirement of the complete B complex as well as a day’s worth of Vitamin C and half a day’s requirement of folate. While the energy juices are fortified with guarana and green tea extracts, the wellness juices pump you up with antioxidants rather than caffeine. That’s why Kaboom’s energy drinks make our hearts go “boom boom boom”—not with caffeine-induced speed, but with excitement over delicious, juicy flavors. The line is also certified kosher. We don’t review many energy drinks because we don’t like the taste. In fact, this is just our second (the first, Hiball, is an energy drink in the form of club soda). This is Page 1 of a three-page article. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.

Kaboom Overview

If you are one of those people who wants the lift of an energy drink, but your palate is too refined to tolerate most of what is on the market, you have a kindred spirit in the founders of Kaboom. Their Infinite Energy drinks taste like juice—and have more caffeine than Red Bull and Monster. If you’d rather have a high-antioxidant fruit drink, the orange and pomegranate Infinite Wellness drinks have half the calories of Naked, Odwalla and Pom Wonderful. And unlike all of the above, they’re USDA-certified organic.

Kaboom’s organic beverages are non-carbonated vitamin-laden energy drinks based on fruit juices. Kaboom promises “infinite energy” in its energy juices, and “infinite wellness” in its wellness juices. Kaboom’s logo substitutes the mathematical symbol for infinity in place of the two O’s in its name. The concept of infinite energy is certainly hyperbolic, but we’d agree to getting “lots” of energy from this great-tasting line. The infinite energy juices are produced in three flavors, while the infinite wellness juices are available in two varieties.

All varieties contain erythritol, a sugar alcohol that practically non-caloric, with 0.2 calories per gram. Like other sweeteners, it does not cause tooth decay and is 60-70% as sweet as table sugar. It is naturally found in fruits and fermented foods. Best of all, it does not cause the indigestion or gastric side effects known to occur with maltitol or xylitol or other sugar alcohols/sweeteners if you consume too much.

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