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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



June 2007

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Le Bleu Ultra Pure Water

Making Water More Pure Than Spring Water



CAPSULE REPORT: Many people drink bottled water because they think it’s healthier—but is it? Read the news and you’ll find that in the haste to jump on the bottled water bandwagon, water is being pumped from springs that contain heavy metal, bacteria and other undesirable particles. Le Bleu claims that its “ultra pure” water is “the purest and best-tasting water in the world”—that it is “touted as the best tasting water on earth.”  We’re not chemists and we’ll take the company at its word on the purity factor. As for “the best-tasting water”—it’s not even close. It does, however, have an attractive blue bottle (in the foodservice version) and is kosher.

Just because water comes from a spring doesn’t make it good. Numerous spring waters have been cited for contamination issues. While there are sources that can claim to be more pristine, located thousands of feet underground in areas where no man or industry except the pumping station exists for hundreds or even thousands of miles. Most other sources, however, are closer to civilization or more exposed to potential contamination. According to the National Cancer Institute there are more than 100,000 chemicals commonly used by Americans—in household cleaners, solvents, pesticides, food additives, lawn care and other products. While you can understand how they pollute lakes, rivers and streams, they also leach through the ground into the water tables hundreds of feet below, and find their way into aquifers that feed spring water sources.

Le Bleu puts its water through a treatment technology of filtration, deionization and steam distillation process to create water that is “ultra pure.” It’s a product that can achieve consistent purity, gallon after gallon. It’s not filtration, deionization, or reverse osmosis. You can read about each of those processes and their limitations on the company’s website.

Instead,  they choose steam distillation, which the company says is widely recognized as the single most effective method of purification. It kills harmful bacteria and viruses, removes virtually all foreign particles, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, chlorine and most volatile organic chemicals.

Just as it sounds, water is heated in a chamber and turned into vapor (steam). The water vapor rises, leaving impurities behind in the boiling chamber. The purified vapor then enters a condenser where it is cooled and returned to its liquid state. In addition to steam distillation, Le Bleu performs a five-step purification process to achieve its “ultra pure” water.

So, how does it taste?

We compared Le Bleu to Aquafina and Dasani, the purified waters of Pepsico and Coca-Cola, respectively. Those companies aren’t forthcoming about their purification processes, by the way—they hope consumers believe the product is real spring water. Tasted at room temperature, Le  Bleu tasted no different from many tap waters, which is what we could say of Aquafina and Dasani. We had expected all of that purification to result in something flat and Evian-like. Our bottles had some bitterness and other flavors that we wish had been distilled away. The world ended not with a bang, but a whimper.


Purified Bottled Water


Certified kosher by AKC (Atlanta Kashruth Commission)

  • 12-Ounce Bottles
    Case Of 24 Bottles
  • 20-Ounce Bottles
    Case Of 24 Bottles
  • 1-Liter Bottles
    Case Of 12 Bottles
  • 5-Gallon Bottle And 1.5 Liter Bottles
    Available In Many Areas

Purchase online at LeBleu.com.

Le Bleu Water

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