Fig Pumpkins
Calabacita Fig Pumpkins: one of the most delightful things we’ve eaten this fall.


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November 2006

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John & Kira’s Fig Pumpkin Bonbons

A Fleeting, Wonderful Seasonal Treat  


EDITOR’S NOTE: While the orange pumpkin bonbons are only available seasonally, John & Kira’s now makes a chocolate-dipped fig year-round. We have thus made this delicious product a Top Pick Of The Week. Be sure to read that article as well.

Some chocolates and candies are always there. It’s a comforting feeling to know you can have them whenever, like ice cream. Other pieces are ephemeral, but give great joy for the moments they cross our path. Artisan Easter bunnies, for example, and other seasonal specials.

The latter is the case with John & Kira’s Fig Pumpkin Bonbons, perhaps the most charming treat of the fall season. Fragile calabacita figs from Spain are filled with a delectable whiskey clove ganache by John & Kira, masters of the spiced ganache. They are then dipped in a thin layer of white chocolate that tinted a perfect shade of orange. The net result: sweet little pumpkins, not even an inch and a half in diameter—precious, but not too precious to savor in two bites.

Each flavor is clearly articulated: fig, whiskey, ganache, white chocolate. With just twelve precious pumpkins in a box, it would be easy to treat oneself to one per night, as a post-prandial or bedtime treat. But there are other fine purposes to consider:

  • Putting one at each place setting at Thanksgiving dinner or other special-occasion events
  • Serving them with after-dinner coffee
  • Bringing boxes to special friends
  • Sharing yours with particular loved ones

In one way, it’s sad that Fig Pumpkin Bonbons are so seasonal; in another, it gives us something to look forward to next year. And in the interim, we can console ourselves with John & Kira’s delicious ganache-filled chocolates—reliably available year-round. The lovely reusable wood box remains as a happy memento of Fig Pumpkin Bonbons enjoyed...and Fig Pumpkin Bonbons to return again, hopefully, next year.

Fig Pumpkin Bonbons

  • 12 Pieces
  • Seasonal product:
    quantities are limited

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Photo by Melody Lan.

Pumpkin Bonbons


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