Almond Buttercrunch
No matter how much you love toffee, what do you do when you get a box so big, you can’t imagine finishing it? Chocolate-covered almond buttercrunch from Lake Champlain Chocolate.





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March 2005

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Candy

10 Things To Do With Toffee/Buttercrunch*

You’ve been given a big box. Lucky you! 
It’s more than just a box of candy.


What if a generous friend sends you a box so huge, you just can’t imagine eating it all? Here’s what we did with ours:

1.  Eat some of it as candy.  It may seem obvious, but we couldn’t leave it off the list.

2. Add a piece to an assorted dessert plate.  Our favorite dessert is 6 small tastes of wonderful things: a sliver of flourless chocolate cake, a jigger of mousse, a mini tart, a meringue, some apple crumble...a piece of toffee.

3. Stick a vertical piece in ice cream, flan, or rice pudding. It’s decorative like an old-fashioned wafer cookie, but with much more flavor.

4. Sprinkle chopped pieces on any dessert at all—frozen desserts, pies, cakes, cupcakes, soufflés, fruit salads, brownies, lemon squares, crumbles....

5. Bake pieces into cookies and brownies—instead of, or in addition to, chocolate or butterscotch chips.

6. Have a tea party. Along with the cakes and cookies, set out the toffee/buttercrunch on a pretty bowl.  It just may be the first sweet to disappear.

7. Have a dessert wine tasting. Sweet wines pair well with toffee, chocolate and nuts. See our article on Pairing Wine and Chocolate.

8. Enjoy some with a cup of hot chocolate. Another truly great pairing!

9. Freeze some to enjoy later.  Toffee made with milk or cream can be frozen for up to 6 months.

10. Make someone happy. Put a few pieces in a little cellophane bag, tie with a ribbon, and hand it to (or leave it as a surprise for) someone who deserves a special treat.

Toffee Crumbs brownie
4. Sprinkle chopped pieces on any dessert. Enstrom sells Toffee Crumbs so you don’t have to crack your own. 5. Bake pieces into cookies and brownies.
6. Set out a bowl at a tea party, or any gathering of guests. Photo of Lula Belle White Chocolate Pecan Toffee.  

Do you have more ideas for what to do with toffee?  Click here to send them to us.


*What’s the difference between toffee and buttercrunch?

Technically, toffee is hard caramelized sugar, a.k.a. brittle. It becomes buttercrunch when it’s coated with chocolate and crushed almonds—an American addition. But many people use the terms interchangeably.


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