Ginger Toffee
Individually shaped and no nuts, B.T. McElrath's ginger toffee does’t look like what most Americans think of as toffee (which is actually almond buttercrunch). We love it!





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March 2005
Updated March 2007

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Candy

The Best Toffees In A Toffee Toss-Up

How To Decide? Have All Of These Gourmet Toffees To Decide Your Favorite! 


Of course, sometimes you just have to make a decision. So here’s a comparison of our favorite gourmet toffees. Note that some toffee-makers have selections that are nut-free, although they are made in facilities with nuts. If you’d like to recommend what you think is the best toffee in America, send us a note.

Company Description Plusses & Minuses

B. T. McElrath

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  • Almond Toffee, Macadamia
    Toffee and Ginger Toffee
  • Individual formed toffee squares enrobed in chocolate
  • Light accent of chopped nuts
  • The sweetest (in a good way)
  • Ginger is nut-free
  • Neat pieces
  • No refrigeration
  • Almond and
    macadamia in milk
    only; ginger is dark chocolate with milk stripes (shown at top left)


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  • Almond Toffee
  • Thick slabs with whole
    almonds embedded in the toffee; you break off pieces
  • Coated with chocolate and heavily encrusted with crushed almonds on both sides
  • The most buttery
  • Milk or dark
  • Kosher
  • Must be refrigerated

Lake Champlain

  • Almond Buttercrunch
  • Enrobed in chocolate
  • Dusted in almonds
  • Universal classic
  • Kosher

Lillie Belle Farms

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  • Cocoa Nib, Pistachio
    Almond, and Spicy
    Pecan Toffee
  • Broken from thin slabs
  • Coated with
    chocolate and
    chopped nuts or 
    nibs on one side
  • Most unusual flavors
  • All are dark chocolate
  • Cocoa Nib is nut-
  • Partially organic
    (chocolate and
    sugar are, butter
    and nuts are not)
  • Cello bags only (no
    gift boxes)

Lula Belle

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  • Pecan Toffee
  • Broken from thin slabs
  • Coated with
    chocolate and
    chopped pecans
    on one side
  • The nuttiest (pecan
  • Milk, dark, and
    white chocolate
  • White is rare: a
    great wedding favor
  • Refrigeration recommended

Wiseman House

  • Almond Buttercrunch
  • Broken from thin slabs
  • Totally coated with
    crushed almonds on
    both sides
  • Lots of milk chocolate
  • Tons of almonds
  • An excellent menage à trois among all three flavors: chocolate, nuts and toffee

An Oldie But Goodie

Farrah’s Harrogate Toffee, from England, is a rich, brittle, buttery toffee with a hint of lemon oil. It is reputed to be the Queen’s favorite toffee...although it never hurts any company to start rumors like that. Made in Harrogate since 1840, the company claims to be the oldest toffee in the British Isles.



Farrah's of Harrogate


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