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Yogurt parfait: Try it for breakfast, for snacking, even for dessert with Redwood Hill Farm’s goat yogurt. Photograph courtesy of Velda Farms.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE™, and is maaaad about Redwood Hill Farms goat yogurts.


May 2005

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Redwood Hill Farm Yogurt

A Delectable Goat Yogurt To Enchant Goat Cheese Lovers



If you love goat cheese and you love yogurt, you’ll want to try the delightful yogurts from the lovely people (and goats) at Sonoma County’s Redwood Hill Farm.

The commitment to producing the best-tasting goat milk products has earned this family farm numerous awards for its hand-crafted goat milk cheeses and yogurt. Four of the five breeds of Redwood Hill Farm goats have won national championships.

The yogurt they produce is custard style (fruit mixed in) with a European-style, velvety smooth texture and a delicateness unique to goat yogurt. Of special charm to lovers of goat cheese, it tastes exactly like a yogurt version of fresh chevre. If your idea of a gastronomic good time is sitting down with a snowy white log or crottin of goat cheese, you’ll enjoy trying goat milk yogurt. While logically one might take that to mean the plain goat milk yogurt, the vanilla, coffee and fruit flavored yogurts are quite special.

The whole line of goat milk yogurts comes with a portfolio of benefits. Whole milk goat milk yogurt is naturally lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than whole milk cow, sheep, and buffalo yogurts. The fruit flavors are 180 calories a cup (45 calories from fat); the plain yogurt is 130 calories (50 calories from fat). Goat milk has smaller fat particles, which makes it more easily digestible; and people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to cow’s milk proteins generally tolerate goat’s milk.

  Saanen Goats
If you love their cheese, you’ll like their yogurt.

Yogurt in general is easier to digest than milk because the lactose that upsets some people is converted by the yogurt cultures into lactic acid.* The products are natural and don’t contain sugar: the vanilla and coffee flavors are sweetened with maple syrup and the fruit flavors are sweetened with clover honey.

*Redwood Hill Farms yogurt also has live yogurt cultures, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidus, which can help to restore normal intestinal tract flora and other internal flora destroyed by antibiotics.

The website includes the recipe to make goat milk yogurt at home; plus recipes for yogurt blue cheese dressing, yogurt fruit soup, yogurt drinks, yogurt cheesecake, strawberry yogurt pie, and 2 dozen recipes using goat cheese.

According to one plausible legend, yogurt originated about 5,000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, where the goat was first domesticated. Warm goat milk, stored in gourds in the warm climate, naturally soured and formed a curd. An adventurous taster tried the strange-looking white stuff, and mankind’s diet was enriched forever.

Do your best to imagine that historic, prehistoric day as you enjoy your first taste of Redwood Hill Farm goat milk yogurt. That the yogurt has more recently won First Place in the Cultured Product category at the prestigious American Cheese Society Conference and Judging Event should influence your enjoyment not in the least.



Plain, Apricot-Mango, Blueberry, Coffee, Strawberry, and Vanilla

Certified Kosher by the New England Rabbinical Council

  • 8-Ounce Carton
  • Quart
    (Plain and Vanilla)
Redwood Hill Yogurts

For more information about Redwood Hill Farm, visit RedwoodHill.com or e-mail RWDHILL@Sonic.Net.

To find a store near you, telephone 1.707.823.8250 x100.

While Redwood Hill Farm sells their cheese from their online store, they do not ship the yogurt direct to consumers because its delicate texture doesn’t do well in standard shipping.

†Suggested Retail Price. Prices will vary by region and retailer. Prices and flavor availability are subject to change.