Yogurt With Herbs
Versatile yogurt can be used for dressings, dips, sauces, dessert toppings—or enjoyed plain with fresh herbs and vegetables. As you can see in the photo above, it’s easy to transform plain yogurt into a spa meal. Photo Ewa Brozeky | Dreamstime.



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The Best Yogurt

Yogurt, Yoghurt or Yogourt: Our Favorite Artisan Yogurts For The Cultured Palate

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Artisan yogurts are so delicious, that those who profess not to like yogurt because of their acquaintance with mass-produced brands need to take a second look. These are the best yogurts we’ve tasted. From the richness of strained Greek yogurt, so thick and rich it can substitute for crème fraîche; to the nuanced flavors of yogurts made from sheep’s and water buffalo’s milks—gourmet yogurt is as much a voyage of discovery as any fine food category.

In this section we present the finest gourmet yogurts—those that fade any memories of thin, sour, pectin-fortified, artificially flavored or preservative-loaded yogurts. Here you will find domestic and imported yogurt brands made with the best milks, using artisanal techniques that preserve taste and quality, be they whole milk, low fat or nonfat yogurt. Here are yogurts that are a pleasure to eat unflavored; and when the yogurts are flavored, the flavors are all natural.

Four thousand years ago, the first yogurts were probably created by accident (learn more). These fine products are the result of impeccable attention to detail. 

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Nibble Tip

Yogurt is a great marinade for meat. In addition to imparting flavor, it has excellent tenderizing properties. Add garlic, herbs, macerated onion and any other favorite seasonings to the yogurt marinade.

Photo courtesy of Cattlemen's Beef Board.

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