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Vanilla and strawberry are two of True Yogurt’s elegant flavors. Photography by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE. Styling by Lauren LaPenna.





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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.


April 2009

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True Yogurt

Lactose-Free, Organic & Probiotic Yogurt


EDITOR’S NOTE: We regret to inform you that True Yogurt has temporarily ceased production. Please check back for additional updates.


CAPSULE REPORT: True Yogurt is a yogurt for almost everyone. It’s lactose-free, gluten-free, probiotic, organic and lowfat. If it were certified kosher (which it can be, as it’s also gelatin-free), only vegans would be deprived of its silky elegance. Right now, True Yogurt has been introduced in the Northeast, largely at Whole Foods Markets. But if its goodness rings true to your ears, request your local market to bring it in.



Hardwick, Vermont, a small town in the north central third of the Green Mountain State, was once known as the Building Granite Center of the World. Its granite can be found in the Chicago City Hall and other city halls around America, the Old Post Office Building in Washington, D.C. and the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building, among other fine pieces of architecture. But if True Yogurt catches on, Hardwick may become known as the Lactose-Free Yogurt Center of America.

True is an artisan yogurt made with premium natural ingredients, starting with organic lowfat milk made from small herds of Jersey cows that roam the hillsides of  local family farms. The fruit comes from top organic growers.

True Yogurt - VanillaWhat else is in these premium yogurts? Healthy things:

  • Inulin, a prebiotic and a natural source of dietary fiber (read more about prebiotics).
  • Five probiotic cultures: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and L. casei (read more about probiotic food and see our Probiotic Glossary).

In addition to being organic, the yogurts are lactose-free, gluten-free and gelatin-free.

Photo: An illustration of the vanilla orchid embellishes the carton of True Vanilla Yogurt. Learn more about the vanilla orchid and the vanilla that grows from it.


There are currently three flavored yogurts and a plain yogurt. The fruit flavors are made with fruit purées and contain contain real fruit pieces. The yogurts are softly sweetened with brown sugar, such that there is no overt sweetness—you taste the fruit, not sugar.

These yogurts (and the Plain as well) have no tartness, either—a boon to those who don’t like tart yogurt, and no boon to those who do. The flavored yogurts are more slender in texture than the Plain, but silky and very elegant. The flavors include:

  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla

The Plain yogurt has an unusual sweetness, no doubt from the good milk with which the yogurt is made. Our yogurt was made with February milk, meaning that the spring and summer yogurts should taste even better, as the cows graze on delicious grass, clover and other greens that pop up in the pasture.

True Yogurt Peach


Our only complaint: What’s up with the five-ounce cup? First, yogurts came in 8-ounce cups. Then, to keep retail prices down, the cup size was reduced by most manufacturers to six ounces. Now, five ounces? This is a child’s portion, and certainly not enough for an adult who wants to slake hunger and enjoy more of such a choice yogurt!


Peach, Plain, Strawberry, Vanilla

Certified USDA Organic

  • 5-Ounce Container

For retailers, visit

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True Yogurt Vanilla
A Jersey cow invites you to try the Plain True Yogurt.


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