Lemon Shochu
For an impressive effect, position a lemon peel on the inside of the glass before adding the ice and shochu. Photo by Alejandro Heredia | SXC.




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August 2010

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Haamonii Shochu

A Shochu Brand Lives Up To Its Claim As “World’s Smoothest”


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Haamonii Ultra Premium Shochu

Shochu is most often used in mixed drinks, but some artisan shochus are smooth enough for straight sipping.

We recently tried Haamonii “ultra premium” shochu and found it to be one of the more delightful tastes of the year (it’s been on the market for two years on the West Coast, and is now expanding its distribution). 

Haamonii is distilled multiple times from premium grains that produce a very smooth, pure and refreshing spirit. Made by a San Francisco couple, James Key Lin and Joanne Woo Lin, this drink-worthy, cook-worthy, gift-worthy shochu is a real find.

“Haamonii,” which means harmony in Japanese, is available in Original and Lemon. It is 22% alcohol/44 proof—a vodka-like experience for half the calories and carbs (and half the intoxication potential).

We tried the Haamonii Lemon shochu, which has the nose of lemon-infused vodka, and the palate of a sweet lemon-vodka cocktail. Who needs a mixed drink when the product tastes so good right out of the bottle?

Haamonii claims to be the world’s smoothest shochu. While there are thousands of brands, we’re not betting against it!

Using Haamonii Shochu

Imagine a neutral spirit with lots of flavor and no burn!

  • It’s great for sipping.
  Haamonii shochu eschews the old-style Japanese bottles for a very modern look. Photo by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.
  • Serve it with seafood, instead of white wine.
  • Pour the Lemon shochu over lemon sorbet or vanilla ice cream for a simple, yet sophisticated dessert.
  • Stir it into vodka sauce instead of vodka. The Lemon flavor, especially, perks up the flavor of the sauce...and probably works its magic in any sauce where you’d use white wine.
  • Deglaze a pan for a wicked meat or fish sauce.
  • Spike iced tea. (The Lemon variety works great here, too).

A fine shochu like Haamonii will be a revelation to your food- and spirits-loving friends. Add it to the gift list!

We’ve already finished our bottle of Haamonii Lemon shochu, and can’t wait to get a bottle of the Original Haamonii.

Haamonii Ultra Premium Shochu

Original & Lemon Shochu

  • 750 ml Bottle
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Give it as a gift! Photo by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.

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