Cosmopolitan Cocktail
With Stirrings cocktail mixes, it’s easy to impress discriminating guests. Expecting Carrie Bradshaw? Serve a Cosmopolitan!





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KAREN HOCHMAN was not the star student at Harvard Bartending School, and defaulted to drinking vodka straight up until she discovered Stirrings.


September 2005
Updated July 2007

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Stirrings Premium Cocktail Mixes & Drink Rimmers

The Recipe For Great Cocktails

CAPSULE REPORT: The ordinal gourmet cocktail mix line, Stirrings continues to bring forth new flavors to keep up with the contemporary bar scene, the classics and the latest hot cocktails. There’s  no need to shirk from making mixed drinks or enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverages at home: With the widest variety of flavors and glass rimmers to match every drink, you can enjoy a different “cocktail of the month” for two years, and then some.

Stirrings, the original gourmet cocktail mix line, makes things very easy for people who want a good drink at home. Whether it’s a Bloody Mary or a Piña Colada, a Caipirinha or a Grapefruit Margarita—just unscrew the Stirrings mixer and the appropriate spirit...and don’t forget the ice.

The most popular cocktails have been created in a Stirrings mixer, so that anyone who can open a bottle, measure and pour can enjoy as good a cocktail on his or her own patio or sofa as would be served at the best watering hole in town. More festive than what you is offered at most bars, there are coordinating glass rimmers that provide color, flavor and party festivity. And, for the price of one cocktail in a big city bar, there’s enough mixer for up to 16 cocktails—depending on the drink and how big you like it. Your friends don’t need to be impressed with your bartending skills—they’ll be happy drinking the results.

It’s fun to play Stirrings Mixersmixologist with Stirrings mixers and glass rimmers, and they’re also a great gift idea. When everyone else brings the host/hostess another bottle of Chardonnay, you show up with a bottle of vodka and a mixer that makes Dirty Martinis, Appletinis or Cosmos—complete with a matching drink rimmer. You are one cool guest.

The mixers are non-alcoholic and all natural, made with real juice and sugar (no corn syrup). Designed as a better tasting, natural alternatives to other products on the shelf, they can make tasty “virgin” drinks for those who don’t imbibe the hard stuff. The drink rimmers are made of salts and sugars with seasonings and bits of dried fruit and herbs.

Stirrings Flavors

All the flavors are good, and what you like will depend on your palate. We’ve grouped them below for convenience of discussion. You may want to have some of the Classics along with a Fashionable, and then try flavors from the Exotics and the Citrus groups that especially appeal to you with the goal of finding your own a special “house drink.”

The Classics

  • Bloody Mary—turns out perfect every time (4 parts mix:1 part vodka, or 5 ounces of mix for a Virgin Mary)
  • Classic Margarita—make it regular or frozen (1-1⁄2 parts mixer:1 part vodka, or 1 part orange juice for a Virgin Margarita)
  • Dirty Martini—be sure to get the drink rimmer with actual dried olive pieces
  • Mojito—rum, mint and lime and a touch of Hemingway’s Cuba (2 parts mix:1 part rum or 1 part seltzer for a Virgin Mojito)

The Fashionable

  • Apple Martini—serve with a wedge of fresh apple (1 part mix:1 part vodka or 1 part seltzer for a Virgin Apple Spritzer)

Want your party to be different and your guests to be alert? Serve Espressotinis.

  • Cosmopolitan—still a hit (1-1⁄2 parts mixer:1 part vodka, or 1 part seltzer for a Virgin Cosmo Spritzer)
  • Mango Margarita—made with extra-sweet Alphonso Mangos (1-1⁄2 parts mixer:1 part tequila, or 1 part lemonade for a Virgin Margarita)
Stirrings Rimmers

The Exotic

  • Chocolate Martini, a Valentine’s Day favorite popular with chocoholics all year around (2 parts mix:2 parts vodka—serve it warmed in the winter)
  • Espresso Martini—made with pure espresso extract, perhaps the drink of choice for those who anticipate a long night (2 parts mix:2 parts vodka)
  • Peppermintini—in the holiday spirit, chilled or warmed

The Boldly Citrus

  • Lemon Drop—bitter lemon and sugar (2 parts mix:2 parts vodka or 1 part mix:2 parts sparkling water for a Limonata)
  • Tangerini—biting citrus and slightly tart (2 parts mix:2 parts vodka, or 1 part mix:2 parts club soda for a Tangerine Soda)

Serving Suggestions

With the lush colors and flavors and festive nature of these cocktails, we couldn’t help but think of a “flavor of the month” program, which we propose to you:

October Tangerini for fall and Halloween April Espresso Martini to stay alert for taxes
November Traditional Bloody Mary with Thanksgiving May Cosmopolitan to celebrate the pink flowers of spring
December Peppermintini for the holidays June Lemon Drop for sunny June
January Dirty Martini (or classic Martini for non-olive lovers) to toast the New Year July Mango Margarita to complement the ripe fruits of summer
February Chocolate Martini for Valentine’s Day August Mojito in the tropical heat
March Green-colored Apple Martini for St. Patrick’s Day September Classic Margarita for the post-Labor Day season

Let us know how your year works out!

2007 Update: The line has expanded to more than 25 flavors, from Caipirinha to Spiced Apple to Watermelon Martini. No matter what the season or occasion, there’s a flavor for the celebration.

Cocktail Mixers & Glass Rimmers

  • Cocktail Mixer
    32-ounce bottle
  • Rimmer
    3.5 ounces

Purchase online at

Pina Colada
Instant Piña Colada: Just bring the the rum and the ice!

Available at specialty food stores and gift shops nationwide, including Cost Plus, Le Gourmet Chef, Hi-Time Wine Cellars, Sur La Table and Whole Foods Markets. Click here for a store locator.


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