Elsa's Story Cookies
Elsa’s Story cookies are about quantity and quality. There’s a cookie for every palate. Photo by Melody Lan.




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MELODY LAN is a member of THE NIBBLE editorial staff and wishes she had time to bake cookies.


September 2006

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Cookies

Elsa’s Story Butter Cookies

Sophisticated, Kosher Cookies From Israel

CAPSULE REPORT: Elsa’s Story makes a line of twenty-plus assorted cookies with classic flavor profiles. The recipes are right on point, and are never too sweet. Imported from Nahariya, Israel and kosher-certified, their bakery-quality products make them perfect to enjoy everyday with a glass of milk but elegant enough to serve aside a fine cup of tea at a fancy tea party.

Some months ago we reviewed the Elsa’s Story Sugar-Free Butter Cookie collection and Elsa’s Story Preserves and explained that Elsa isn’t a real person, but a representative of all of the Elsas who baked wonderful cookies that filled the house with such wonderful smells and tastes. Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to tell Elsa’s Story again—this time, about the original line of Sweet Cookies.

Elsa—or all of the Elsas—are prolific. The selection is so vast that one can but dream of one’s favorite cookie and find it in the line. From Brown Sugared Butter Cookies to Almond Melts, this extensive menu makes pleasing any palate an easy task. Imported from Israel, the line is kosher-certified as well.

After one bite, you’ll know that these are quality products that no cupboard should be without. We’ve broken down the cookies into categories so that it will be easier to choose your favorites. All cookie varieties are made with wheat flour.

Butter Cookies

Black and White

A swirl of cocoa makes this butter cookie extra tasty and extra-special. Enjoy it with a Darjeeling or oolong tea, with coffee, milk or ice cream.


black and white butter cookie


An old-fashioned butter cookie with a rich, full-forward butter flavor. The rim of the cookie is coated with crunchy sugar crystals, a nice contrast to the delicate and flaky texture of the cookie itself. 

brown sugar butter cookie

Brown Sugar and Oat

Made of granola, brown sugar and whole wheat, you can convince yourself that this is a “healthy” cookie. If you like muesli, you’ll love how this cookie is packed with crushed oats, lending itself to a crunchy texture and true oat flavor without being too sweet. Why not enjoy it as a breakfast cookie!

brown sugar and oat cookie


This traditional, crispy butter cookie hits the spot. Sugar granules studding the top dress it up for more formal occasions, but you can still enjoy it with a glass of milk.

crispy butter cookie

Roasted Almond

A butter cookie topped with chopped, roasted almonds that add great texture and crunch. For those who go nuts over nutty cookies.

roasted almond cookie

Sugar-Glazed Sesame

The crispy butter cookie dressed with fragrant, toasted sesame seeds and flecks of sugar crystals. This cookie borders the line between crunchy and chewy, with an irresistible fusion sesame touch.

sugar glazed sesame cookie


A butter cookie than can speak a thousand words. These may be bite-sized, but make them speak for you. Use them to top ice cream, or take two cookies and make “love bites” with preserves, Nutella®, fudge or caramel.

sweetheart butter cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Almond and Chocolate Chip Bites

Reminiscent of almond chocolate chip biscotti. these crunchy bites are chock-full of chocolate morsels and almond chunks. Dip them into cappuccino.


almond chocolate chip bite

Banana Pecan

A delicious combination of crispy, dried banana chips and rich, dark chocolate pieces, it’s a crunchy version of chocolate chip banana bread. These are available in a tin gift box, individually wrapped.

bana pecan cookie

Chocolate Chip and Nut

It’s the classic, crispy chocolate chip cookie, but with the additional crunch from large pieces of walnuts. A true comfort food, it’s the sweetest of the cookies we tried in the line—a sure favorite for children of all ages.

chocolate chip and nut

Triple Chocolate Pecan

Catering to the chocolate-lover, an irresistible combination of pecans and generous chunks of three different kinds of chocolate: milk, dark and white. Available in a tin gift box, individually wrapped.

triple chocolate and pecan

Filled Cookies

Apple and Honey Filled

The soft, filled butter cookies have a melt-in-your-mouth cookie texture and sweet, fruity fillings. This one has a delicate apple and honey paste, like a bite-sized piece of apple pie.

orange filled butter cookie

Blueberry Filled

Our favorite in this category, with a blueberry jam filling, this cookie literally dissolves in your mouth, leaving the sweetness of blueberry preserves on the palate.


orange filled butter cookie
Orange Filled

Filled with delicate orange paste, this tangy, citrusy cookie is a sure crowd-pleaser.
apple honey filled cookie

Fruit and Nut Cookies

Almond Slice

A very cinnamony slice with lots of whole almond slivers. It’s a cross between a flaky biscuit and a crunchy cracker.
almond slices

Almond Pinched Lemon Cookie

An almost free-style shape with a fine texture, this tart, lemony cookie in a buttery base is loaded with almonds. Enjoy it with frozen yogurt for yet another counterpoint.


almond pinched lemon slice
Almond and Raisin Slice

Full of almonds and raisins, this slice is simple, light and a match for light teas. It’s chewy from the raisin, but crunchy too. A great alternative to biscotti.
almond raisin slices

Classic Almond Slice

A real treat for the almond-lover. Super thin, it’s much more like a buttery, almond confection than a cookie. Generously adorned with almond slivers, it’s more about  almond flavor than sweetness.

classic almond slice

Dried Fruit Cookie

A moist, chewy cookie studded with lots of dried fruits. Available in a tin gift box, individually wrapped.


dried fruit cookie

Dried Fruit Slice

One bite of this slice provides a mouthful of dried fruits and nuts. Made from whole wheat and brown sugar, it’s another “healthy cookie” in our book.

dried fruit slice

Ginger Thin

Close to a sophisticated gingerbread cookie, bold and gingery with bits of chopped almonds that add a sweet, nutty dimension.


ginger thin

Ginger and Hazelnut Cookie

Like a flat, thin biscotti, hazelnut halves are the star of this slice. The whole ensemble is spiced with nuances of ginger, making it a fraternal twin to the Ginger Thin above.

ginger hazelnut cookie

Pecan and Raisin

There is no shortage of pecans and raisins in this variety. The slice is made from whole wheat and brown sugar, truly a nutritious cookie by our standards. It is first baked as a cake, cut into thin slices and then toasted in the oven for a chewy (from the raisins), yet crispy cookie.

pecan raisin thin



Super-soft and almost chewy, this melt is loaded with thin almond slices and powdered with fine sugar. Its delicate and smooth texture contrasts with the bold almond flavor.


almond melt

Butter Pecan

If you like butter pecan ice cream, this is the melt-in-your-mouth cookie version of it, in buttery shortbread dusted with powdered sugar. Some find the flavors reminiscent of quality toffee.


butter pecan melt


Sweet Cookies Collection

Kosher certification (U)D, Chalav Stam
Under the supervision of Rabbinate Nahariya

  • Average Retail Price: $5.99
  • Available at specialty stores
  • Sold online at a variety of e-tailers including
    MartinezFineCoffees.com, WholesaleBulkCookies.com

Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

The company website, ElsaStory.com, is perennially under construction. You can find the products for sale online; or phone the importer, Wythe-Will, at 1. 800.296.0273

Cookie packages