Gael Gand Sorbets

One of the easiest ways to make an elegant dessert is to serve different flavors of sorbet in flat-based Chinese soup spoons. The spoons have many uses—for hors d’oeuvres, condiments, garnishes...and of course, soup! Dessert by Gael Gand, partner and executive pastry chef, Restaurant Tru, Chicago.

Food tip of the day

Sweet & Salty

Most people these days prefer sweet butter at the table, but there’s a contingent that favors salty. A solution to please everyone: serve sweet butter and provide a cellar of delicious sea salt. Salt butter lovers can sprinkle a few grains on their butter, and enjoy the superior flavor and crunch of the sea salt. In fact, several artisanal salted butters are made by blending creamery butter with sel gris or another fine sea salt...and some top restaurants serve sweet butter with sea salt on top. For more information about sea salts, read our glossary.


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