Gourmet Cheesecake Pops

We welcome you to the Cheesecake Pop Guild.  From left to right, dressed up in their very best: Three-Chocolate Tuxedo, Toffee Top Hat, and Pink Cherry Cashmere.




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April 2005
Revised April 2006

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Gourmet Cheesecake Pops

The Most Elegant—And Fun—Way To Have Cheesecake


When award-winning chef and patron saint of New American cuisine David Burke gets an idea, you can be sure it’s going to go places. Co-owner and chef of New York City’s notably inventive haute dining establishment, David Burke & Donatella, David, who is known for his offbeat and original food presentation, tells us the decidedly un-haute tale of how his Gourmet Pops came to be.

Stranded at home with the kids one day with nothing in the fridge except some smoked salmon and cream cheese plus a drawer full of lollipop sticks left over from another kids’ project, he pureed the two ingredients, rolled the mixture into balls and stuck each one on a lollipop stick. They were a miserable failure—the kids wouldn’t eat them—but aha! The idea for the gourmet pop was born.

The savory pops expanded to include goat cheese pops and foie gras pops (all are reviewed in our Hors D’Oeuvres section). But to cap the end of the meal, the Cheesecake Pop was born.

What a stroke of brilliance—even more inspired than ice cream on a stick. There are three flavors: Three-Chocolate Tuxedo, Toffee Top Hat, and Cherry Pink Cashmere. All three start out with a base of creamy New York cheesecake dipped in light shell of white chocolate. Then the fun begins.

  • Cherry Pink Cashmere (half of the pop is tinted pink) is dipped in pistachio crunchies and sundried cherries
  • Three-Chocolate Tuxedo is dipped in white, milk and dark chocolate, then dipped in peanut crunchies and Reese’s Peanut Butter pieces
  • Toffee Top Hat has a milk chocolate coating dipped in dark chocolate crunchies and ground up Score candy bars

Tree StandPops stand right on the plate, as shown in the top photo; or a silver-plated, handcrafted tree that holds up to 12 pops adds panache. Serve them as a trio, or add just one to accent another dessert or a cup of coffee, or as part of an assorted dessert plate. A sip of sherry or tawny port would make this a dessert experience that really pops! 

Word of advice: when Cheesecake Pops are in the house, lock the freezer* door. And buy lots!

*Pops come frozen and individually wrapped in plastic trays. They will quick-defrost in 30 minutes, but they taste great frozen, too!

Pink Cherry Cashmere, Three-Chocolate Tuxedo, Toffee Top Hat

  • Cheesecake Pops
    12 pieces per box,
    three of each flavor
  • Gourmet Pop Tree Stand

Purchase online at

Shipping additional. Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Toffee Top Hat







Toffee Top Hat Pops: chocolate, toffee, cheesecake, elegance and fun.


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