Spicy cashews are just one delicious option from Nuts + Nuts, purveyors of the best cashews.




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STEPHANIE ZONIS is a contributing editor.



December 2012

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Fruits & Nuts

The Best Cashews

Nuts + Nuts Delivers The Gourmet Experience


Check out all of the very special gourmet food gifts in this series.


Most of the cashews I’ve had in the U.S. haven’t been stellar. For starters, they don’t usually taste very fresh. All too often, they’re tossed into a can of other (somewhat stale) mixed nuts or vacuum-packed in a jar that will sit on a supermarket shelf for way too long.

But there’s a better way to enjoy nuts, brought to you by a small, devoted group of artisan producers.

Nuts + Nuts uses Indonesian-grown cashews, but not just any old cashews: They’re fostering relationships with farmers who grow a better quality of these nuts. The cashews are purchased directly from the farmers, so there’s no middleman. And the nuts are treated with respect. They’re stars in their own right, and they deserve to be: They’re so fresh they almost yell when you open the bag.

  • I personally prefer the Sweet & Salty nuts over all other varieties, though the Lightly Salted are just that: lightly salted. You don’t walk away having to suck down water for half an hour after eating them.
  • For those who like their snacks on the hot side, the Spicy nuts includes garlic and chopped hot peppers.
  • For those who prefer sweets, try the Honey Sesame cashews.

While the silver vacuum package is eye-catching on its own, Nuts + Nuts offers gift packaging in palm leaves or a batik pouch or gift box.

Try Honey Sesame cashews in popcorn, on ice cream and other desserts, crushed into pie crusts, as a coating for chicken, and much more.

Nuts + Nuts cashews are sold in small packages (2.1 ounces each), so they’re terrific stocking stuffers, supposing that you can keep your hands off them. If you’re looking for larger quantities of cashews, Nuts + Nuts sells 5.75 ounce stand-up zip kraft pouches in Coconut with Palm Sugar, Honey Sesame and Spicy. Several flavors are sold by the pound at the company’s retail locations in New York City: the New Amsterdam Market and the company store in Brooklyn.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to go a little nuts this holiday season, look no further.


Honey Sesame, Lightly Salted, Spicy, Sweet & Salty and Sampler Pack

  • 4 Packs (2.1 Ounces Each)
    $20.00 In Batik Gift Pouch
  • Batik Gift Baskets & Boxes
    15 Pound Box
    $30 & $35.00

Buy online at NutsPlusNuts.com.


Prices are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional.

Cashew Gift Box
The beautiful batik cloth box is a keeper. Photo courtesy Nuts + Nuts.


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