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Pecan-smoked beef, applewood-smoked beef and turkey, three types of gourmet jerky from Double B. All photography by Michael Steele | THE NIBBLE.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



July 2007
Updated January 2009

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Gourmet Jerky

Page 5: Serving Suggestions For Jerky Snacks


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Serving Suggestions

You can eat jerky as a snack from the bag, of course, or set it in a bowl, carry it in your briefcase, gym bag or backpack. But gourmet jerky is more than a snack—it’s an ingredient:

  • In dips—the pepperiness of most jerky flavors, plus The Jerky Guy’s Helluvapeño, pack a punch
  • On pizza, in pasta (cut into smaller pieces)—ditto with the flavors above
  • On sandwiches, with lettuce and tomato
  • As an edgy surf and turf—with broiled fish, shrimp, scallops (we especially like The Jerky Guy’s Teriyaki flavor here)
  • With vegetables—to add peppery accents to rice and mashed potatoes

If you don’t have great knife skills, use a scissors to cut the jerky into strips or smaller pieces for dips, rice and potatoes. When people ask what those tasty pieces of meat are...be coy!


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