Sweet Dukkah
Traditional or sweet dukkah can be enjoyed with yogurt or cottage cheese. Photo by Emily Chang | THE NIBBLE.





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EMILY CHANG is a New York-based writer.



August 2009



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Oregon Dukkah

Page 3: Oregon Dukkah ~ Sweet Varieties


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Sweet Dukkah Varieties

The two sweet varieties contain more hazelnuts than sesame seeds, while the savory varieties feature more sesame seeds than hazelnuts.

Coconut Dukkah
The unsweetened coconut and evaporated cane juice are joined by an intensified nuttiness, from the rise in the hazelnut-to-sesame-seed ratio. The subtle sweetness makes Coconut Oregon Dukkah very versatile: It can be equally tasty on a fish fillet, in a salad or simply sprinkled on yogurt for breakfast. The coconut flavor permeates every pinch, but delicately, so that it doesn’t overpower the hazelnuts.

Sweet Dukkah
The spices are more prevalent here than in the Coconut Dukkah. As with the Coconut, Sweet Dukkah contains more nuts than seeds, with hazelnuts making up the bulk of the mix. Here, the strong backdrop of hazelnuts is wrapped in cinnamon-like spices; we enjoyed it simply with walnut bread and melted butter. The butter and sweet spices would combine flawlessly in a cooked dish, such as sprinkled on a crêpe or omelet.

  Sweet Oregon Dukkah
Sprinkle it on, spoon it up. Photo by Emily Chang | THE NIBBLE.

This is not to say that Sweet Dukkah isn’t right for ice cream, pudding or anything topped with whipped cream that needs an extra garnish. Let your imagination be your guide.

Dukkah offers infinite possibilities in the kitchen, and makes a great gift and stocking stuffer. Be the first in your town to set the dukkah wheels in motion—in everyday dishes and for special occasions. Check out the recipes on the following pages, including how to make your own dukkah from scratch.

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Oregon Dukkah

Coconut, Smoky Hot, Sweet, Traditional, Zesty

  • 2-Ounce Box

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Oregon Dukkah
Great gifts and stocking stuffers.