Each skewer is a different favor that seasons your food from the inside—Thai Coconut Lime skewer in the shrimp, Garlic Herb in the zucchini and Mexican Fiesta in the chicken. How ingenious!





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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE™, and is happily skewering almost everything these days.



August 2006

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Seasoned Skewers

Shooting Flavor through The Center Of Your Food


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When we were a young and experimental cook, we were unhappy with surface basting. Marinades, sauces and rubs sit on the surface. The crust tasted great, flavors never imbued the roast. But what if those delicious flavors actually got past the skin—so that the garlic or lemongrass was inside, not just on the crust? We experimented with shooting the marinade into the flesh with a doctor’s syringe. It worked, but then we moved from roasts and into other styles of cooking and left injection infusions (which subsequently became popular with chefs) behind.

Twenty years later, we are delighted to see that the folks at Callison’s attacked the problem from the inside out. Their Seasoned Skewers are wooden skewers infused with flavor that pierce through the food (like a kabob or a spear) and transfer the flavors to the interior. And Seasoned Skewers does it better than the injection technique—without the sugar, salt and fat that comes with injections of marinades (or other surface seasonings like rubs and glazes).

Seasoned Skewers are 100 percent natural, made from untreated Maine wood that is flavored with herbal extracts and essential oils. They’re fat-free, sugar-free, sodium-free and calorie-free. The skewers release natural oils and extracts into the food as it cooks, infusing food with flavor. Poultry, beef, pork, fish, seafood, potatoes and other vegetables—even fruit can be skewered and seasoned (we made Thai Coconut Lime baked apples, for example, with two apples to a skewer, and Indian Mango Curry grilled pineapple kabobs).

It couldn’t be simpler:

  • Skewer your food. It doesn’t have to be a kabob: as you can see in the photo at the right, you can spear roasts, whole birds, potatoes, anything. You can season a turkey porcupine-fashion (the turkey looks like it has an attractive Mohawk).
  • Let the Seasoned Skewers infuse the food with flavor for at least 10 to 15 minutes before cooking. The longer you leave the food on the skewer before cooking, the more intense the flavor will be.
Roast Chicken
Whole roast chicken with Citrus Rosemary Seasoned Skewers.
  • You can also pre-soak the skewers, e.g. in wine, beer, sake or marinade, to add to the flavor complexity.
  • Then just grill, bake, roast or pan-fry. Your food will continue to soak up flavor during the cooking process.
  • You can add external seasonings (and of course, still marinade and glaze).  To finish, add salt if you wish.

Flavor, Flavor Everywhere

Seasoned Skewers are inexpensive and come in flat packages: the best approach is to buy one of each flavor and play with them:

  • Citrus Rosemary
    A delicate blend of rosemary and garlic, sweetened with the essence of orange.
    MATCH WITH: Baked potatoes, chicken, fish, lamb, scallops, shrimp, vegetables
  • Garlic Herb
    A full-bodied mix of garlic, basil, lemon and chives.
    MATCH WITH: Beef, chicken, duck, pork, potatoes, scallops, shrimp, vegetables
  • Honey Bourbon
    The perfect marriage of two classic barbecue flavors.
    MATCH WITH: Everything!
  • Indian Mango Curry
    Sweet mango mingles with the exotic spice of cardamom and curry
    MATCH WITH: Beef, chicken, duck, fish, grilled fruit, pork, scallops, shrimp, vegetables
  • Mexican Fiesta
    A robust mix of smoked chili pepper, coriander, cumin and lime.
    MATCH WITH: Baked potato, beef, lamb, pork, shrimp, vegetables

Making Skewers
Above, preparing food with Seasoned Skewers.

Beef Kabobs
Beef kabobs with Honey Bourbon Seasoned Skewers.

  • Thai Coconut Lime
    A tropical blend of coconut, ginger, lemongrass, red pepper and kaffir lime.
    MATCH WITH: Chicken, duck, fish, grilled fruit, pork, seafood, vegetables

There are quite a few yummy recipes on the company website.

Who Wants Seasoned Skewers?

Everyone!  People who love to cook will have fun with these; people who don’t love to cook will be grateful for them.

  • Dieters and healthy eaters will love this no-calorie way to add flavor to foods. Seasoned Skewers are perfect for lean meats, poultry or vegetables and add big flavor without the salt for those on a low-sodium diet.

  • Busy people and non-cooks will love the no-mess, quick food prep.

  • Kids will love the fun of skewered food—and might just offer to help make dinner.
Scallops and Bell Peppers
Grilled scallop and yellow bell peppers with Thai
Coconut Lime Seasoned Skewer.
  • Friends will love receiving a complete set of flavors as a gift.
  • Everyone will love the rich infusion of creative flavors.

How would you use Seasoned Skewers? Do you have a favorite recipe? We’d love to hear from you.


Citrus Rosemary, Garlic Herb*, Honey Bourbon, Indian Mango Curry, Mexican Fiesta*, Thai Coconut Lime

Certified kosher by Orthodox Union
*Kosher (Dairy)

  • Package Of 10

Seasoned Skewers are available at supermarkets and specialty stores nationwide. For a store locator, click here.

Purchase online at MySecretPantry.com




SalmonAbove: Salmon with Indian Mango Curry Seasoned Skewer. Below: The Seasoned Skewers family of flavors.

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