Katahdin LambKatahdin lamb was bred from Maine-lineage Katahdin Hair Sheep, to achieve wonderful lamb flavor without the big wooly coat that needs shearing. People who think they don’t like lamb may change their minds after a taste. Available from Heritage Foods USA.



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Full-flavored, organic meats raised free-range, without antibiotics and hormones, taste noticeably different from their more commercially produced counterparts. If you’re a meat lover and a discriminating palate and haven’t already tried some of these, you’re in for a treat.

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Heirloom meats are a great gift for a meat-lover who cooks. They’re a splurge your friends and family might not give themselves, and they’ll be wowed by the difference. Even the barbecue chef who just makes makes steaks and burgers will appreciate an introduction to heirloom beef or bison.

American Bronze Turkey
This American Bronze Turkey is a direct descendent of the first domesticated flock of its variety. From Heritage Foods USA.


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