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A beautiful red textured paper box and gold-and-red ribbon present a dozen chocolaty VitaHearts.





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KAREN HOCHMAN is editorial director of THE NIBBLE™.



February 2006

Product Reviews / NutriNibbles / NutriSweets

VitaHearts Fat-Free Valentine Mini-Cakes

For Healthy Romance...And Fun For Everyone


We enjoy our Vitalicious muffins...but probably never so much as the two weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, when “special edition” Deep Chocolate VitaHearts are made in plump heart shapes.Delicious, 100-calorie, all-natural, vitamin-fortified, low-fat and fat free, deep chocolate VitaHearts are the better Valentine alternative for the healthy, the dieting, and people who just might prefer an alternative to chocolate candy. Individually-wrapped in cellophane,a dozen two-ounce portions arrive in a stunning red gift box, tied with a beautiful ribbon, with a gift card that has the calorie and nutritional information discretely on the back.

We enjoy our VitaHearts:

  • For breakfast
  • For lunch with fresh fruit and yogurt
  • As a dessert, with frozen yogurt or Breyers CarbSmart Ice Cream
  • As a dessert with sugar-free chocolate sauces from The King’s Cupboard
  • As a snack, with coffee, tea, or milk
  • As a quick nutritional boost on-the-go

VitaHearts are baked fresh with no preservative, and should be refrigerated and eaten within a few days or frozen. They defrost quickly in the microwave.

There aren’t many guilt-free chocolate treats around that taste good. Consider this one a keeper.


Deep Chocolate Heart-Shaped Mini-Cakes

Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union

  • 12 Muffins

Purchase online at or telephone 1.877.VITA.877.

Shipping additional. Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Individual VitaHeart

Only 100 calories, and chock-full of nutrition. You can add a few raspberries and some King’s Cupboard sugar-free chocolate sauce for not many more calories, and make this splendid dessert.


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Chocolate Unwrapped: The Surprising Health Benefits of America's Favorite Passion, by Rowan Jacobsen. Evidence is piling up that chocolate’s antioxidants have a list of health benefits few foods can match. Jacobsen explains the positive physical and psychological effects of chocolate. He explores the colorful history, botany, and chemistry of chocolate, so you’ll understand what to look for and what to avoid. A recipe section provides a multitude of healthy ways to eat chocolate. $10.36. Click here for more information or to purchase. The True History of Chocolate, by Sophie D. Coe and Michael D. Coe. The history of chocolate from its earliest pre-Columbian roots, its discovery by the Spanish conquistadors, to modern times. Fascinating for any chocolate lover. $12.89. Click here for more information or to purchase. Chocolate: The Nature of Indulgence, by Ruth Lopez. Written to accompany an outstanding exhibition at Chicago's Field Museum, with superior color photography. The history of chocolate, the economics and manufacture and traces the rise of chocolate barons such as Cadbury in Britain and Hershey in the U.S.$18.87. Click here for more information or to purchase.

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The New Taste of Chocolate: A Cultural and Natural History of Cacao, by Maricel Presilla. An overview of cocoa plantations and their farming practices and the different strains of true cocoa. Presilla follows the life of a cocoa pod from a sapling through harvest, fermentation, roasting, and production to arrive at what we all recognize as chocolate. About two dozen unusual, interesting recipes follow. $20.47. Click here for more information or to purchase. The Science of Chocolate, by S. Beckett. For the true chocolate scholar or general scientific minds who want to know the details of ingredients and processing techniques, scientific principles such as latent and specific heat, Maillard reactions and enzyme processes that create the product we love. A series of experiments is included that can be done by students of any age.  $39.95. Click here for more information or to purchase.

The Science of Sugar Confectionery,
by W.P. Edwards. Learn the various types of sugar confectionery:"sugar glasses" (boiled sweets), "grained sugar products" (fondants), toffees and fudges, "hydrocolloids" (gums, pastilles and jellies) plus sugar-free confectionery. $34.95. Click here for more information or to purchase.


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