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October 26, 2004

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mozzarella salad
What what could make this salad look even better? A bit
of Boyajian Basil Oil...or perhaps some Rosemary Oil...
or maybe a dab of Sun-Dried Tomato Oil. At $4.85 a
bottle, try them all! Photo copyright Ewa Walicka.

Flavor Invasion: Boyajian Infused Olive Oil


There is nothing more exciting than finding an ingredient that is simple to use, but transforms anything you use it on.

So, you can surmise how excited we were to run across the entire line of Boyajian infused olive oil—intoxicatingly aromatic, seductively flavorful.

First, let’s state that in a country that is olive oil-crazy for flavor and heart-healthiness, we are very under-penetrated in our awareness and appreciation of infused olive oil (also called flavored oil, but infusing is a specific process—not all flavored oils are infused).

The Boyajian line is made from 100% pure olive oil that is slowly infuses fresh herbs and spices and achieves remarkable aroma and flavor. These oils are wonderful for sautéing, on pastas and focaccia, in vinaigrettes and marinades, as bread dippers, as anointing oils, and for anything the creative cook or entertainer decides to do with them.

With a set of Boyajian’s vinegars and flavored oils, you can mix and match to produce a different salad every day of the month.

  • Basil Oil. How did we ever live without this—especially during the long winter months when fresh basil won’t grow in our window? There’s also a USDA-certified Organic Basil Oil.
  • Black Pepper Oil. This oil adds the heat and flavor of freshly cracked black pepper. For those who like a bit of citrus, there’s Lemon Pepper Oil.
  • Garlic Oil. So much like the real deal, you don’t even need fresh garlic. The most popular oil in the line (not because it’s better, but because it offers the greatest familiarity and comfort level). There’s also a USDA-certified Organic Garlic Oil.
  • Oregano Oil. A robust, earthy oil for oregano lovers.
  • Roasted Chili Oil. A spicy oil to spark things up.
  • Rosemary Oil. It’s like having fresh rosemary.
  • Scallion Oil. Different and exciting.
  • Wasabi Oil. We flipped for this oil and use it for everything, including mixing with soy sauce as a dipping sauce. We use it to make our favorite fusion comfort food: wasabi mashed potatoes.

What to do with this wealth of huile:

Breads & Firsts Main Courses Vegetables
  • Bread Dippers
  • Bruschetta
  • Crostini
  • Focaccia
  • Soups


  • Chicken, Roasted &
  • Fish, Sauteed
  • Meat & Poultry
    Marinades, Glazes,
  • Pizza, Drizzled
  • Pasta and Tomato Sauces
  • Grilled, Roasted or Broiled
    Portobellos & Garden
  • Marinated Roasted Peppers
    & Other Vegetables
  • Potatoes, Roasted & Mashed
  • Salad Dressings

There are recipes on the website to start you off.

Don’t worry about buying too many: The oils have a shelf life of two years, unopened, when kept away from sunlight.

Asian Oils
The Wasabi Oil is amazing!

We love the cheerful packaging, and our favorite host and hostess gift is now a set of these oils, along with some recommendations on our favorite ways to use them Basil Oil or Rosemary Oil.

If there’s an easier way to add dimensions of flavor to almost everything you serve, we’ll let you know when we find it.  Until then, Boyajian flavored oils are as good as it gets.

—Karen Hochman
Updated September 2007

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Black Pepper, Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Organic Basil, Organic Garlic, Oregano, Roasted Chili, Rosemary, Scallion, Wasabi

Larger sizes available

  • 8-Ounce Bottle
  • 5-Ounce Bottle
  • Mini Olive Oil Box
    1 Ounce Bottles of Basil Oil, Garlic Oil, Lemon Pepper Oil, and Roasted Chili Oil
  • Mini Asian Oil Box
    1 Ounce Bottles of of Asian Chili Oil, Fragrant Peanut Oil, Spicy Sesame Oil, and Toasted Sesame Oil

Buy online at

Prices and flavors are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional.


Infused Olive Oils
Above, three of the most popular flavored olive oils: Garlic, Basil, and Lemon Pepper. Below, the sampler box with one-ounce tastes of four flavors.

sampler box

More Flavored Oils



Some of our favorite books about flavored oils and vinegars

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Flavored Oils: 50 Recipes for Cooking with Infused Oils, by Michael Chiarello. As with the vinegars, instructions on how to make your own infusions (or use products off the shelf), plus recipes. Click here for more information. Flavored Vinegars: 50 Recipes for Cooking with Infused Vinegars, by Michael Chiarello. How to make your own infusions plus recipes for herbal, fruit, spice and balsamic infusions. Click here for more information. Sensational Salads, by Barbara Scott-Goodman. Seventy unique and imaginative recipes for low-calorie, high-flavor dishes like Savory Warm Duck, Orange, and Olive Salad; and Thai-Style Beef and Mint Salad. Click here for more information.


Toss Your Salad in Style:

Pfaltzgraff Salad Bowl Tree Spirit Salad Bowl Portmeirion
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