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September 21, 2010

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Custom Chocolate Bar


No matter what ingredients we combined, it tasted great. All photography by Katharine Pollak | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Chocolate bars you create yourself, from premium Barry Callebaut chocolate.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: You can create your dream chocolate bar(s).
WHY WE LOVE IT: It’s new. It’s delicious. It’s fun. It’s inexpensive.

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We are happier than the proverbial kid in the candy shop. What a pleasure it is to design your own chocolate bars.

Even when we put together a strange-sounding group (dried strawberries, cinnamon and toffee bits or the bar depicted in the photo at left: peanut M&Ms, dried papaya and coconut) the result was absolutely delicious. We must try the gummy bears next.

Whether you’re a chocolate sophisticate, a basic nuts-and-toffee dude or a high flyer (beef jerky with ground coffee and parsley, for example), you’ll enjoy being your own chocolate artisan.

Your bar comes labeled with nutritional information plus your own name if you wish (Andy’s Sweet & Salty, Danny’s Divine Chocolate, Peter’s Peanut Passion, Fran’s Fantasy Bar).

Gift certificates are available, and our hearty recommendation is that you give them to everyone you owe a gift to. It’s not only delicious, it’s way fun.

See how easy it is to become a chocolate designer, below, and get started on your own chocolate fantasies.


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Customize Your Bars

The process of making your own bars couldn’t be easier. The only limitation is how many bars you want to order at a once. Personally, we could use that $500.00 gift certificate.

Start. You start with a plain 3.5-ounce dark, milk or white chocolate bar, which costs $3.85—far less than such fine chocolate would cost at retail.

Add. Next come your embellishments.

  • Prices are as low as 50¢ for a topping of white or dark chocolate chips.
  • For 65¢ there are sliced almonds, toasted pumpkin seeds, M&Ms and jelly beans.
  • Another dime, 75¢, buys cookie dough, Junior Mints or Kit Kat pieces, marshmallows and Oreos.
  • Dried fruits are 65¢ to $1.20. Herbs and spices range from  50¢ for sea salt to 95¢ for lavender.
  Crunchy pretzels, soft caramel balls and almond slivers are delish on top of Barry Callebaut’s superior dark chocolate.
  • For $1.50, you can add a greeting card.
  • You can also add your logo, a delicious idea for a product launch.

We paid $3.25 for gold flakes, the most expensive topping. It’s pretty, but doesn’t have flavor. Instead, we could have bought five of the less expensive toppings. There may be a reason you want a glittering gold chocolate bar—wedding favors, for example—but otherwise, spend your money elsewhere.

It’s important to say that, no matter what we combined, it all tasted great. While we haven’t customized a beef jerky, Sour Patch Kids and oregano bar yet, we’re going to try it one of these days. For us it’s research; but let your judgment be your guide. (The good news is, even if you find that you don’t like beef jerky or other topping on your chocolate, you can peel it off and still enjoy the bar. And who knows—it could be an amazing combination.)

It’s Easy

The user-friendly bar-design software lets you go back and forth, adding and removing items, with ease. Each time you add or remove something, it is immediately reflected in the price of the bar, so you can keep within any budget.

Shipping is $6.95 no matter how many bars you order. So for $10.00, one could have a bar with two ingredients; for $15.00, one could go to town. And, we loved the logic that “the more you order, the more you save.” We ordered 7 bars, so shipping was a mere $1.00 apiece.

Gift certificates are emailed; there’s no “shipping cost.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is said that money can’t buy happiness. We disagree. We were very happy when we designed our bars, happier still when we ate them and still happy with the lingering memories and the anticipation of ordering more.

—Karen Hochman


Chocolate Bars Customized With 97 Ingredients

  • Chocolate Bars
    $3.85 Base, Plus Toppings
  • Toppings
    50¢ To $1.10 For Most Selections
  • Gift Certificates
    $5.00 to $500.00

Purchase online* at


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You can even put your edible logo on a bar.


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