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March 5, 2013


The Ticket Kitchen makes the best hot chocolate on a stick. Swirl the chocolate in hot milk or hot water. All photography courtesy The Ticket Kitchen.

WHAT IT IS: Solid cubes (actually, trapezoids) of gourmet chocolate on a stick.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: The chocolate is delicious, the flavors are exciting.
WHY WE LOVE IT: If you’re going to indulge in hot chocolate, this ranks among the best.

Assorted flavors in dark and milk chocolate. For S. Patrick’s Day, the vanilla mint adds a touch of green.


Hot Chocolate On A Stick
On A Stick From The TicketKitchen


We’ve tried different brands of “hot chocolate on a stick,” where a block of chocolate on a Popsicle-type stick is stirred into hot milk or water to chocolate (here’s the difference between cocoa and hot chocolate).

As fun and simple as this sounds, the concept doesn’t always work. Some brands we’ve tried have such problems with meltability that we ended up eating the chocolate from the stick because we could not transform it into a beverage.

That’s not the problem with the Hot Chocolate On A Stick from The Ticket Kitchen of San Francisco. Yes, it requires patience: The chocolate doesn’t melt quickly (and in two tries we couldn’t get it to melt entirely, either). But that’s part of the activity: You get to taste your hot chocolate at different degrees of chocolatiness as more chocolate melts into the milk.

The French couverture chocolate is very good. So eating the unmelted bits from the stick was a second treat.

Chocolate On A Stick can also be a special party favor or gift. You can download a customizable label template to mark festive occasions (a baby shower, for example).

Pick Your Flavor(s)

The Ticket Kitchen molds Hot Chocolate On A Stick in nine different flavors:

  • Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • French Truffle (dark chocolate)
  • Peppermint (milk chocolate)
  • Salted Caramel (milk chocolate)
  • Spiced Ginger (dark chocolate)
  • 3 Chili (dark chocolate)
  • Vanilla Mint (milk chocolate)
  • Bolivian single origin (66% semisweet)
  • Venezuelan single origin (68% semisweet)

At $8.00 for two sticks, this is not an everyday treat for most people. The price goes down slightly with quantity: A 12-pack is $45.00, or $3.75 per stick.

Still, for occasions where you want to impress, Hot Chocolate On A Stick will contribute to the festivities. Consider them for:

  • Brunches
  • Gifts for chocolate lovers
  • Kids’ parties
  • Mother’s Day and other special occasions
  • Shower and other party favors


For the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities, we’ll gladly trade green beer for the Vanilla Mint Hot Chocolate On A Stick, a milk chocolate cube garnished with mint-flavored (and green colored) white chocolate.

That’s reason for a toast! Order your supply from

— Karen Hochman


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