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March 29, 2005
Updated October 2009

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Moosewood Sweet Savory

Moosewood Hollow will convince you that maple syrup is for much more than topping pancakes: it’s for flavoring, glazing, marinating, reducing, and otherwise adding sparkle to almost everything you serve. Photography courtesy Moosewood Hollow.


Moosewood Hollow Flavored Maple Syrups: Make Maple A Staple:

The geniuses at Moosewood Hollow call their maple syrups “infused.”  We call them inspired. Beyond just breakfast, these flavored maple syrups will hook you with their culinary possibilities—and you’ll want to have the entire collection.

What’s so special about them (aside from being so delicious you could drink them from a liqueur glass)?

When food scientist Claudia Clark moved to Vermont a few years back, she became fascinated by the state’s maple syrup-making tradition, as well as native Vermonters’ penchant for cooking and baking with maple syrup.

After making her first gallon of maple syrup, she quickly learned that the syrup has an affinity for picking up flavors. And once she started to experiment, out came this brilliant line of infused maple masterpieces:

  • Sweet Autumn, maple syrup with a blend of sweet spices and a hint of vanilla
  • Sweet Chai, maple syrup with cardamom and ginger
  • Sweet Ginger, maple syrup with pungent, aromatic gingerroot
  • Sweet Heat, maple syrup flashed with a dash of habañero chile

Alas, two of the founding flavors have been discontinued, but we mention them here to honor their memory:

  • Sweet Lavender, maple syrup redolent of Provence
  • Sweet Savory, maple syrup flavored with rosemary, thyme and a twist of lemon

We use Moosewood Hollow Infused Maple Syrups on everything from scones to salmon, following Moosewood Hollow’s lead with recipes for dishes like Fresh Corn and Red Pepper Polenta with Infused Maple Syrup (with Sweet Heat)...Roast Pork Tenderloin with Infused Maple Apples (with Sweet Lavender, Sweet Chai or Sweet Ginger)...and Infused Maple Candied Pistachio Shortbread Cookies (with Sweet Chai). Sweet Chai is great for the holidays too, in gingerbread and carrot cake.

Smoothie Moosewood Hollow Chai Grilling Sauce Moosewood Hollow Ginger Glazed Carrots Salsa Mushroom Soup Lavender Caramel Sauce

Recipes on Moosewood Hollow Website: Blueberry Maple Smoothie with Sweet Autumn, Chai Grilling Sauce with Sweet Chai, Ginger Glazed Carrots with Sweet Ginger, Mango Maple Salsa with Sweet Heat, Cream of Mushroom Soup with Sweet Savory, and Caramel Sauce with Sweet Lavender.

Words cannot describe the wonderfulness of these syrups. Each is so unique—nothing you can imagine until you taste them and everything you will delight in once you do.

The syrups artfully balance their sweetness when combined with soy sauce and vinegars, or with game and poultry (try one as a glaze on duck). They excel on ice cream (don’t be afraid to try Sweet Heat on vanilla), in smoothies, or in your favorite barbecue sauce. They can star in a vinaigrette and create a “secret sauce” that will have your guests oohing and guessing.

For inspiration, each bottle comes with a hangtag providing recipes and tips for cooking with maple syrup, and Moosewood Hollow’s website offers even more delicious possibilities for you to download. Don't overlook cocktail possibilities: maple syrup is a fashionable ingredient these days, and there are no syrups more fashionable than these.

You don’t have to be a gourmet cook or master mixologist to use these stellar syrups. Just a drizzle of any one of these vibrant flavors on your everyday fare will leave everything from your morning oatmeal to your midnight snack singing a whole new song. Even if you only start out with a Sampler, youll be back to grab a bottle of each for yourself, and lots of gift packs.   We are certain of it.


  Moosewood Hollow Maple Syrup
You can try three of the four flavors in a gift sampler.

—Rowann Gilman


Sweet Autumn, Sweet Chai, Sweet Ginger, Sweet Heat

  • 7-Ounce Bottles
    $12.00 each
  • Gift Pack
    Three 7-Ounce Bottles (Your Choice)


Purchase online* at

or phone 1-866.INFUSED.


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  Moosewood Hollow Flavored Maple Syrup


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