mickey mouse waffles
Waffles aren’t just for breakfast: here they’re can be party fare with festive berries and dots of whipped cream.



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October 2005

Appliance Review / Kitchenwares / Appliances


VillaWare Wafflers

Art, Form & Function


Waffles are already a fun food, but VillaWare has upped the ante with three waffle makers that will have your family smiling even more:

  • The Special Edition Mickey Waffler, shown at the top left, goes from breakfast fare to party fare with the addition of colorful fruit and dabs of whipped cream. Instead of syrup, offer different colors of fruit yogurt. The kids can use it to “color in” Mickey; adults can just enjoy the great taste. The waffles are 6" round, plus ears.
  • Mickey’s Then and Now Waffler is a special-edition Disney waffler that celebrates Mickey’s 75th anniversary. Four famous Mickey poses—from “Steamboat Willie,” “Fantasia,” and classic cartoons—are embossed on waffle squares. The waffles can be assembled into “strawberry shortcake” sandwiches and in any direction your imagination takes you. Fun for the kids, and the kid in all of us.
  Mickey Special Edition Mickey Waffle Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker
  Mickey Special Edition waffler makes the smiling waffle in the photo at the top. Waffles for Mickey Mouse fans. Mickey's Now and Again Waffler produces four different Mickey scenes, shown at the left.


  • The Rose Bouquet Waffler makes a rose pattern design: five roses circling one in the center. Syrup-lovers will enjoy the way the nooks catch and hold it. Women of all ages will appreciate the pretty, European-style design. This pattern also makes an impressive base for a luncheon waffle or a dinner party dessert.
  Rose waffles Rose Bouquet Waffler
  A rose by any other name would be a waffle. The Rose Bouquet Waffler.


All wafflers have stainless steel housing, non-stick coating and cool-touch handles, signal an alert when baking is complete, and stand upright for easy storage.

Now when you’re considering waffles but are concerned about the calories, deduct points for aesthetic enjoyment and the oohs and aahs from your family and guests.



  • Mickey’s Special Edition Waffler
  • Mickey’s Then and Now Waffler, $79.99
  • Rose Bouquet Waffler, $49.99
  • Other waffler styles available

For more information, visit

VillaWare is available at fine retailers nationwide.

Prices and product availability subject to change.

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker
Remember, waffles aren’t just for breakfast and brunch. Chicken and waffles is a popular dinner dish, waffles and ice cream are a beloved dessert; and you can find many lunch and dinner waffle recipes on the Internet.





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