Your fruit will stay fresh for double or triple the average time with Healthy Harvest Freshness Extender. Photo courtesy of

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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



January 2009

Appliance Review / Kitchenware / Gadgets

Healthy Harvest Freshness Extender

Fruits & Vegetables Last Longer—Really!


CAPSULE REPORT: We’re always skeptical when we try anything new, but here’s one gadget we’re in love with. It makes our produce last double or triple the normal time—everything from mushrooms to berries. It isn’t magic, but a safe, organic and completely recyclable product that reduces spoilage and saves you money.


How often do you waste food, throwing out wilted and moldy produce...and how often are you angry that you don’t have usable food in the produce bin when you go to eat that romaine, those mushrooms, those berries? According a USDA study, American households throw out 25% of the produce they purchase because it has gone bad, an average of $600 of food per year per family. That’s why, when we stumbled across the Healthy Harvest Freshness Extender, we prayed that such a small investment would solve our problem—we must throw away $600 in berries and lettuce alone.

How It Works

Many fruits and vegetables give off ethylene gas as they ripen. That’s why one of the tricks to ripen fruit quickly is to put it in a closed paper bag overnight with a banana or an apple. That same ethylene gas in your produce bin—or even low levels of ethylene compounds wafting through the main body of your refrigerator—hastens the ripening, and wilting, of your produce.

The Healthy Harvest Freshness Extender keeps ethylene gas at a very low level, and Eggswill double or triple the shelf life of your produce. Just place one “egg” into each bin, and the contents are protected from ethylene gas. The contents of the Freshness Extender last for three months, and then must be replaced. Note well: It only works if you refill the egg every three months with a fresh packet of (non-toxic) crystals. But boy, does it work!

The “egg” and refills come with stickers that let you note when it’s time to refill. Ours is on a fiscal quarter schedule; we look forward to the first day of the new quarter to change our packet and think of how much money we’re saving.

Healthy harvest
freshness extender

  • Starter Pack
    2 Eggs
  • Refill Pack
    8 Packets

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Healthy Harvest

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