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Thick, warm, viscous gelatin is comfort food for the entire body and soul. We are only showing the foot bath version here..but we heartily recommend the full bathtub plunge.





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KAREN HOCHMAN grew up in a bath household. In response to her mother’s daily question, “Did you take a bath?” her response was,  “Is there one missing?”



March 2005

Appliance Review / Good Scents / Bath & Body



An Amazing Spa Experience At Home In Your Bathtub


A jelly bath transports our Executive Editor to Shangri-La.

Perhaps the best endorsement of JellyBath is to say that after our first, we bought four dozen to get through a year of birthdays, holidays, and hostess gifts.  We even gave them to our men friends, such was the joy and rebirth we experienced, enveloped in warm jelly for forty-five minutes of peace, contemplation, and wellness.

If that doesn’t have you halfway out the door to buy a box, you can stay here and finish this review.

People throw around the word unique. They don’t know unique. This is unique.

You fill a bathtub with hot water and pour in a bag of powder, which looks and smells like Jello-O®. You stir the water with your hand, and as if by magic, your bath water becomes a solid tub full of something resembling transparent, jewel-colored tapioca—hot and sensual, made up of millions (it seems) of clear tapioca-type pearls. Kneading it in your hands is...more fun than a ball of wax? You then step in—which is even better than hand-kneading—and then you submerge your body.  And then you decide you will never leave the bathtub.

If you’ve ever had a mineral mud bath, you know the feeling: warm, soothing, healing, spiritual. But this isn’t heavy, opaque mud.  It’s glistening, beautiful jelly.  And you’re not in a spa, waiting for attending strangers to come back for you.  You’re in your own home, listening to your own tunes, with your own glass of sparkling whatever at the side of the tub.

Buoyed in jelly, you play:  your hands and feet are rudders, pushing through hot crystal tapioca, swooshing back and worth. You wish you had a king-size tub, or were the size of a five-year old—because you are having as much fun as one. Finally, you settle down to relax. You think to read the book you brought, but as 40 minutes pass you have no desire to do anything but remain cosseted in your warm cocoon.

Yes, 40 minutes later JellyBath was still warm, and we had no desire to leave. We felt a great sense of well-being, and we didn’t even have prune flesh.  But our Sunday evening programs were about to wrapped in a turkish towel (or a terrycloth robe), we crawled into bed, turned on the TV...and woke up the next morning.

As tempted as we were to crawl back into our now cold JellyBath, we contented ourselves with sprinkling the “magic dissolving powder” on the surface, watched a few minutes of science at work (it takes 15 minutes to fully dissolve), and wandered off to make a cup of Assam tea and plan jelly’s next jam.


  1. JellyBath should not be used by anyone with a balance problem, the elderly, or young children, without supervision.  The jelly is slippery. If your tub does not have a clutch bar, keep a towel within easy reach in case you need it to grip the rim to hoist yourself out.
  2. Unless you have a separate shower stall and can step in to wash off every last bit of jelly, particles of jelly will cling to you after you towel off.  That’s O.K.—they’re protein and will absorb into your skin. Just wrap yourself in a dry towel, a robe, nightshirt, etc.  Similarly, blobs of colored jelly will cling to the carpet. They are non-staining and will disappear.
  3. There is a Foot Soak version of JellyBath which can be enjoyed by people who are concerned about the slipperiness of the full bath version. It’s nice, but the analogy is a foot massage versus a full body massage.


Herb Mint, Lavender, Lemongrass, Milk, Strawberry


  • JellyBath®
    1 pound
  • Foot Soak
    4 ounces

Purchase online at


Shipping and taxes additional. Prices and scent availability are subject to change.


Jelly Bath

Buy several—you deserve it, and so do your friends.

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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.