These pillar candles burn from 10-50 hours and produce a unique soft glow.




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June 2005

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Perin-Mowen Candles

Hand-Rolled Honeycomb Candles in Pure Beeswax



Perin-Mowen began hand-rolling honeycomb beeswax candles in New York City in 1984. Their first candles were 12" dinner dinner candles. Today they are a leading specialist in pure beeswax honey-scented candles, the wax of choice for many candle enthusiasts, for their clean and dripless burn and soft glow.

In addition to the dinner candles, now available in four lengths, the company makes candles in classic shapes: beehives, pillars, squares, in both light and dark honeycomb. Depending on size and shape, burn times are up to 80 hours.



Pure Beeswax Candles

  • Beehives
    4", 6", 8" in light natural
  • Pillars
    4", 6", 9" in light and dark beeswax
  • Squares
    4", 6", 9" in light and dark beeswax
  • Dinner Candles
    5", 8", 12", 16"

See website for burn times per candle.

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