Annie Glass dishes   

Give anything from granola to pasta primavera to porcini mushroom soup the E-Factor (E for Excitement), by serving it in dinnerware like Ripple from Annieglass.





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Feed people well and they enjoy the meal. Set a beautiful table and the meal becomes an event. Like a well-dressed person, a well-dressed table adds elegance, whimsy, drama, or whatever mood you choose to convey.

Take a cue from the great restaurant chefs, who present each course on a plate specially selected to complement the food.  We're long past the era of serving an entire dinner on a matched set of porcelain. Today it’s all about using exciting tableware to enhance the cuisine. 

Even an everyday salad or a dieter's plain broiled chicken and steamed broccoli look like a feast when served on interesting plates with great flatware. The most banal beverage beams with personality in a glamorous glass.

So when you put dazzling food on equally dazzling plates. you’re serving a work of art. That’s why Nibblers, seekers of the best foods, are also on the hunt to complete the equation.

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Nibble Tip

Look for serving pieces that double as objects d’art. Bowls, pitchers, and trays fall into this category: you can enjoy them all year around as room accents, not just during formal dinners. If you like to collect and have more items than you have room to display, rotate them so you and your visitors will enjoy different pieces of your collection.


Michael Wainright
Bowl by Michael Wainwright.


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© Copyright 2005-2024 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.