Fran's Salt Caramels
Fran’s Salt Caramels. Salt caramel photos by Melody Lan.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE and a dévotée of salt caramels.



May 2006
Updated March 2009

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The Best Salt Caramels

Page 4: Sweet Marghuerites, Woodhouse Sea Turtles & Fran’s Chocolates Salt Caramels


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The Salt Caramels


Salty, Cont'd

sweet marguerites caramel
Sweet Marguerite Caramels are filled with macadamia nuts. Photo by Michael Steele.
  • Sweet Marguerites Salt Caramels. These salt caramels add something extra: chopped macadamia nuts for texture amid the creamy caramel. The sea salt is harvested locally off the coast of Maine. These caramels are sweet without being too sweet and salty without being too salty. Choose from dark or milk chocolate.

    12-Piece Box
    24-Piece Box

Woodhouse Sea Turtles
Woodhouse’s Sea Turtles are more than candy: We use them as table place setting decor and see who can resist temptation until dessert and coffee are served.
  • Woodhouse Chocolates Sea Turtles. Inside these charming chocolate amphibians is a mixture of the traditional “turtle” nuts and caramel plus fleur de sel. The milk chocolate sea turtles are filled with caramel and pecan while the dark chocolate contains caramel and cashews. They are pretty irresistible, and also make a clever dining table decor, with a pair set at the top of each place setting. Will anyone hold off until coffee? These clever sea [salt] turtles are a welcome addition to the Salt Caramel Club.

    6-Piece Box
Fran's Salt Caramels
Love salt? Love caramel? You’ll love these salty nuggets from Fran’s, with plenty of gray sea salt in the caramel and as a garnish on the enrobing chocolate.
  • Fran’s Chocolates. Fran Bigelow makes salt-lovers’ caramels. The caramel itself is much more pliant, a softer chew than Woodhouse and Recchiuti. Fran’s are perhaps the most lovely of the group to look at. The plump, rectangular caramels are artfully sprinkled with sea salt: gray sea salt (sel gris) for the dark chocolate and Welsh smoked sea salt for the milk chocolate (it’s pretty but the flavor isn’t noticeably smoky). They are sweeter-style than the Woodhouse in both caramel and chocolate (even though Fran’s milk chocolate is 40% cacao), providing more of a sweet-and-salty contrast. Of all the caramels, these had the highest salt content in the caramel itself, such that in the “finish,” grains of sea salt were clinging to our teeth and continuing to release their flavor. The 56% cacao dark chocolate provides a better foil for the salt; there’s a nice flavor of chocolate on the palate mixing with the salt grains on the teeth. It’s quite an interesting sensation.

    7-Piece Box
    20-Piece Box



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