Foie GrasPâté served with toast points, sliced mango, strawberry, French sea salt and a drizzle of purple fig sauce. Photo by Kelly Cline | IST.


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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.  She has burned out the motors of two appliances making pâté, and cedes the honors to Marcel et Henri.



November 2006
Updated August 2009

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Marcel et Henri Charcuterie

Page 3: Types Of French Sausage


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An Education in French Sausage: Types Of Sausages

Androuillettes, boudins, saucisse: the entire classic canon (or enough to meet anyone’s immediate needs) is available from Marcel et Henri. Many are fully-cooked, ready to heat-and-eat.

  • Andouillettes are pork chitterling sausages (these are French-style, not spicier Cajun-style)
  • Boudin Blanc is white sausage of pork, turkey breast, brandy and cream (fully cooked).
  • Boudin Noir is a Pyrénées-style pork-based blood sausage (fully cooked).
  • Saucisson à l’Ail is garlic salami.

  • Saucisse aux Fruits de Mer is a fully-cooked sausage stuffed with scallops, shrimp and pacific red snapper, flavored with vermouth.

  • Saucisse Basquaise is spicy, slightly hot Basque-style pork sausage.
French Sausages
Beautiful French sausages, for every taste and purpose.
  • Saucisse Béarnaise is lightly garlicky, peppery pork sausage.
  • Saucisse de Canard is duck sausage with green peppercorns.
  • Saucisse Merguez d’Agneau is spicy North African-style lamb sausage.
  • Saucisse Merguez d’Agneau et Boeuf is spicy North African-style lamb and
    beef sausage.
  • Saucisse Merguez de Boeuf is spicy North African-style beef sausage.
  • Saucisse de Toulouse is Toulouse-style pork sausage with white wine.
  • Saucisson à l’Ail aux Pistaches is fully cooked garlic salami with pistachios.

Too many choices? Remember that each retailer may only carry a dozen or fewer items, but each will carry a different selection. Whenever you see a pâté or sausage by Marcel et Henri, you can bet that it’s worth trying! Don’t wait for a special occasion: bring some home and create one.


Authentic French Pâtés and Sausages


Available at fine retailers. For a store near you, telephone Marcel et Henri.

In California: 1.800.542.4230

Outside California: 1.700.227.5426


For more information visit


Assorted Pates

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