Add guacamole to a sandwich instead of mayonnaise and mustard. Photo courtesy Avocados From Mexico.



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January 2007
Lat Updated September 2014

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Recipes: Ways To Serve Guacamole

Page 2: Serving Suggestions


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Guacamole Serving Suggestions

And so, after dipping a few commercial tortilla chips, the saltiness of which got in the way of this perfectly seasoned guacamole (fresh-made chips in the Mexican restaurants of our acquaintance tend not to be salted) we instead elected to enjoy it:

  • In a small dish, first as a snack and later with seafood, poultry and meats—with anything grilled
  • On a burger or veggie burger, instead of ketchup
  • On a triple decker BLT, instead of mayonnaise
  • With eggs
  • On Japanese black sesame rice crackers
  • On Wasa crispbread
  • As a zero-cholesterol “deviled egg” substitute, in hard boiled egg whites
  • Mixed with cubes of chicken for a spicy chicken salad (recipe below)
  • Layered into a “napoleon” with goat cheese rounds and roasted red peppers (alternate slices of goat cheese from a log, pepper and guacamole)
  • With a Cobb salad
  • With tortilla chips, tacos, fajitas and as a side with almost any Mexican dish

As those who have had avocado ice cream and sorbet know, there are few things that avocado does not pair well with. You can find a wonderful avocado ice cream recipe at


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