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Is that a bit too much new oak? Go to tastings and share insights and great wines with fellow wine-lovers. Photo by Melvin Piro.



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Executive Wine Seminars

New York City


Taste the finest wines in fine company

Beginners and masters alike mingle at Manhattan’s Executive Wine Seminars. They share the desire to drink the finest wines, meet top winemakers and leading industry figures, and enjoy the repartee of hosts Howard Kaplan and Bob Millman—industry professionals with 20-plus years on the New York wine scene.

Known by its initials, EWS holds events open to the public year-round in midtown Manhattan; and conducts events for corporations and private parties around the country.

Examples of events include such exciting tastings as:

  • The Wines of Armand Rousseau
  • Focus on Burgundy: Meursault
  • The Best New Releases From Spain
  • Affordable California Cabernets
  • Great Cabernets of the 1980s
  • The Best of South America
  • California’s Finest Zinfandels
  • Australia’s Finest Shiraz
  • 2001 Barolos & Barbarescos
  • 1995 vs. 1996 Bordeaux
  • 2002 Grand Cru Red Burgundies

You can click here to learn more about these events, and sign up for the EWS newsletter so you’ll be on the mailing list for future events.

You can also telephone 1.800.404.WINE or email ews.wine (at) instantlink.com.

Nibble Tip

Instead of giving a friend a bottle of wine as a birthday gift, take him or her to a wine tasting. Share the experience and the memories and complement each others’ knowledge. If your budget allows, you can add the bottle of wine as a bonus at the end of the tasting.

wine bottles

Photo by Christopher Woods.


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