Play With Your Food - Scallion Haircut
“Scallion Haircut” from Play With Your Food by Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann, published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang. 
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Welcome to Food Fun

When You’re Not Eating It, Have Fun With It


We take our food seriously, but food is also fun.  

This section of THE NIBBLE™ focuses on food-related activities for your leisure time.  You can:

  • Take opinion polls about food and win gourmet food prizes
  • Learn about food events and festivals worldwide
  • Have a regular food film festival with your family and friends,
    from our detailed listing of food-related films
  • Find chocolate factories and other food plants to visit
  • Test your knowledge with our series of fun food quizzes
    (and submit your own)
  • And see how other readers have put NIBBLE-recommended
    products to work.


If you have ideas for more Food Fun, click here to let us know.

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