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smoked salmon
This smoked salmon is just perfect for National Bagels and Lox Day, February 9. Photo courtesy Boyajian.



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February 2006
Last Updated February 2014


Food Fun / More Food Fun

National Food Holidays: February

Including Valentine-Red Celebrations Like National Cherry Month & National Strawberry Day


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We tend to think of Valentine’s Day as “owning” February, but this list says otherwise. Don’t let one day of red satin candy boxes limit your celebration, when there are month-long festivities like:

For week-long celebrations, there are:

  • Shape Up With Pickles Time
    (First Week)
  • Great American Pizza Bake
    (Second Week)

And then, there are the daily festivities:

Celebrate the gumdrop on February 15th. Photo courtesy MorgueFile.

*Is it patty or pattie? Cadbury calls its product York Peppermint Pattie, but a pattie refers to a meat product. According to the dictionary, “patty” is more correct for the candy.

A berry nice holiday, February 27: National Strawberry Day. Photo by Keith Weller courtesy of the U.S. Agricultural Research Service.

Continue To The  March Food Holidays

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