Serveware in autumn colors accentuates the season’s beauty as well as your food and wine.



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October 2005

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Show Your Fall Colors

Serve With Style This Fall


From bowls for pumpkin ice cream to plates for slabs of honey-baked ham, we’ve chosen some serveware to help you set a dazzling table. Have fun with colors, shapes, designs, and textures of all kinds.

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Prices and item availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

1. Beverages

Chilled, warm, or hot,
drinks can be enjoyed from
outside the glass, too.


Impulse! Enterprises

Even if it’s not a sparkling cider or a champagne, any beverage will be exciting in this magnificent flute. The bubbles are hand-etched and secured with a layer of hand-blown glass. Present drinks in these slender sippers and everyone will be ready to start the evening—and the fall season—with a smile.

  • Bubble Champagne Flute
    Assorted colors


ruby champagne flute, champagne flute, flute
Beautiful art or bubbly fun for your seasonal brews.

Alan Lee Collection

Like fluttering leaves, the decoration on this tri-colored martini glass is a autumnal art. Hand-made in a neoclassic style, this glassware will serve your guests in style. They’ll hope that autumn lasts through winter.

  • Neoclassic Martini Glass


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tri-color champagne glass
These tri-colored glasses look like
autumn leaves shimmering in the sun.


Water, juice or cocktails will rest happy in these cheerful pitchers. Beautifully shaped, when not “working,” they can perch on buffets or shelves as arresting works of art.

  • Curly Opaque Pitcher


orange pitcher
Brighten up gatherings with cheerful pitchers.

2. Main Course

Beautiful serveware in tasteful
colors of the season.

Riverside Designs

Whether you like plates that glimmer or have a matte finish, this SeaGlass Collection offers colors and shapes to suit your serving wishes. Set roasted quail and herbs on beautiful deep colors, cranberry spreads or mesclun greens on bright and warm colors. The artist in you will enjoy bringing out the most in your food with these creative plates.

  • 7 Inch Round Bowl, $22
  • 7 Inch Triangular Plate, $22
  • 9 Inch Freeform Plate, $34
  • 10 Inch Wave Plate, $42
  • 15 Inch Wave Bowl, $86
  • 11 Inch Square Plate, $42
  • 13 Inch Freeform Platter, $60
  • 14 Inch Square Platter, $72
  • 11 x 2 Inch Strata Bowl, $48
  • 12 x 19 Inch Oval Platter, $86
  • 19 Inch Wave Plate, $130


seaglass plates, riverside designs

Golden colors offset by dark purples is a sign
that autumn has arrived in your home.

Milani Tableware

Get truly festive by serving your food on orange plates—not just for Halloween, but through the entire autumn season. These swirly orange plates can accentuate the colors and flavors of any food.

  • Milaniware Plates
    Large 12-Inch Plate, $44.50
    Medium 10-Inch Plate, $34.00
    Small 8-Inch Plate, $19.80


Milani tableware, orange plates
Free-form plates in orange emanate a sense of
sophistication and playfulness.

3. Desserts & Snacks

Vibrant bowls herald a sweet
autumn season.


European Sources Direct

Pasta, bisque, ice cream, or cereal: everything looks more festive in these orange polka-dotted Love Shake Collection bowls and plates.  One of our favorites!

  • 3 Plate Sizes:
    Salad, Dinner, Charger
  • 4 Bowl Sizes:
    Dessert, Salad, Serving,
    Large Serving
  • Tray


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polka-dot bowls
Golden and deep orange give off an extra

Sally Russell Studio

Casual and fun, these bowls beg to be used for dips, salsas, sides, desserts, breakfast foods. They’re small enough for condiments but big enough for appetizers desserts. The spunky napkins make every day sunny.

  • Salad Bowl
    Set of 4
  • Polka-Dot Napkin
    Set of 4


orange salad bowl
orange polka-dot napkins
Cheerful and fun.

4. House & Home

Spread the season and all over
the house.

Home Comfort, Inc.

Your taste buds may be on over-drive, but your feet can use a little pampering too. Place these pumpkin scatter rugs throughout the house—kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, entrance doors—to spread seasonal cheer.

  • Pumpkin Rug, $29.99



pumpkin rug, rug
These rugs provide food fun for your feet!

Hillhouse Naturals Farm, Ltd.

Light up a Fresh Pumpkin Candle or set out Roasted Chestnut Diffuser Reeds. With natural fragrances like Roasted Peppers and Mediterranean Fig your family can have a scent feast when you’re not cooking up a storm.

  • Candle in Glass, $17.50
  • Potpourri, $19.90
  • Reed Diffuser, $54.00


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Farm, Ltd.
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Fallen Leaves candles, diffuser reeds, autumn leaves
Welcome autumn into your home with fun
food scents or outdoor natural fragrances.


© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Images are the copyright of their individual owners.

© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.